1. Add and create a new Event or Meet

  2. Event Creation - Most Frequently Asked Questions

  3. Quick Start Guide from meet creation to posting results

  4. Events: Add EV3 file to Event after athletes have declared

  5. Events: Hide event from Non-Admin/public - Admin only Event view

  6. Can I bring my TU event file into TeamManager?

  7. Send an email from the Committed, Undeclared or Declined Athletes Tab

  8. Can IE by event be sorted by time? Account?

  9. Clone / Copy Event (Save As)

  10. Meet & Events - LSC team and online meet entry. How to turn it on.

  11. Events: Restrict meet entry based on amounts due/owed, CC/ACH payment types

  12. Corrupted data, in my committed athletes tab?

  13. EV3 File is missing from Event Zip Folder

  14. configure event file

  15. How can I see who has replied online (declined) to an event?

  16. Events: Allow athletes to sign up by day/session instead of event

  17. Configure / edit the meet file to change event(s)

  18. How do I correct a meet fee in the Event File

  19. How do I create a relay with no members in it?

  20. How do I create my Entry Report in a two column format?

  21. Meet Entries: Update Times for Committed Athletes

  22. Course conversion of times/factoring of times

  23. How do I delete an event?

  24. How do I delete individual event records in meets?

  25. How do I enforce qualifying times?

  26. How do I manually enter qualifying times and custom times in events?

  27. Events: Reimport ev3 events file

  28. How do I use the Quick Entries / QuickEntries system to enter my athletes into events?

  29. How To Un-Commit an Athlete for an Event

  30. Is there a way to designate exhibition swimmers or exhibition events?

  31. Add a younger athlete to a relay - SwimUp Athlete

  32. Events: What multi-cut course order means in event entry file - YSL YLS LSY LYS SLY

  33. What does the Edit Job Signup button mean?

  34. Attend/Decline Event Button vs Edit Commitment button

  35. Events: Update ev3 events file

  36. Meet Entries: Update meet entry times when importing meet results

  37. What report will show the first time swimmers have swam events in a meet?

  38. Events: View/access past events

  39. Why am I getting a athlete appearing twice for an event?

  40. Why can't I attach events to meet on LSC site?

  41. Why does the attend this event button still show when the event is already past/archived?

  42. Why is Meet Manager giving my entry file an exception report and/or SDIF integrity check?

  43. Sending event invite or job invite

  44. Event Email Invite - Can you change who sends this

  45. Does MeetManager ™ / Meet Manager ™ accept an SD3 file?

  46. Online Registration - Using the event system to sign up for and bill for a social event

  47. Billing your accounts from the event system using the yes/no reply

  48. What does the H stand for next to my hand entered time - will it appear in my entries file?

  49. SwimOffice - Lead off leg allowing first swim to count as best time

  50. SwimOff / Swim Off times are not displayed

  51. Events: Load ev3 events file into meet

  52. Events: Diving events in SwimOffice

  53. Events: Set athletes as unattached or attached in meet entries

  54. Events: Enable/disable email confirmations for event declaration

  55. The Link in the Event Invitation does not work.

  56. Events: Restrict meet to certain Billing or Roster Groups/Locations

  57. Events: Email meet invite to specific swimmers

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