1. Download OnDeck

  2. OnDeck: How to login / log in / sign in

  3. OnDeck: Quick-start guides for coaches and parents

  4. OnDeck: Invite membership to use OnDeck

  5. OnDeck: Automatic login and Touch ID

  6. OnDeck: Coach video tutorials

  7. OnDeck: Multiple simultaneous users

  8. OnDeck: Compare athletes to time standards

  9. OnDeck: Active and inactive Accounts

  10. Reinstall OnDeck

  11. Does OnDeck work on an iPad or tablet?

  12. OnDeck: Wi-Fi and cellular networks compatibility

  13. OnDeck: Compare best times to time standard(s)

  14. OnDeck: View race times in SwimOffice

  15. OnDeck - Deck entered athletes are pushed back to SwimOffice/TeamUnify & billing from results

  16. OnDeck: Create/add invoice/credit, payment/refund

  17. OnDeck: Take attendance for a previous/past date

  18. OnDeck: Default swimmers to out when taking attendance

  19. Data plan needed for mobile device using OnDeck

  20. Past meets showing in upcoming meets in OnDeck

  21. OnDeck Parent no longer supported

  22. OnDeck: Turn off push notifications

  23. OnDeck: Add and verify a cell number for SMS/texting

  24. News article pictures are not visible in OnDeck

  25. OnDeck: Combine/uncombine events

  26. OnDeck: Declare/commit/sign up for upcoming meets

  27. OnDeck: Upcoming Events tab, Past Events

  28. Will OnDeck Android work on a Kindle Fire?

  29. OnDeck for Microsoft Windows Mobile Phone

  30. OnDeck: Communicate via email, SMS and push notifications

  31. OnDeck: Canned messages

  32. OnDeck: Add guest swimmer to attendance

  33. OnDeck: Entry limit bar graphs

  34. OnDeck: Hide and publish/unhide events

  35. OnDeck: Swimmer Entry screen

  36. OnDeck: Show past due accounts when taking attendance

  37. Why is my team not in OnDeck?

  38. Why does OnDeck show a different athlete first name than SwimOffice?

  39. How to Edit an Athlete/Member in OnDeck

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