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  1. Meet Results VIDEO Tutorials

  2. Add Canadian time standards

  3. Adding/Editing Time Standards for an LSC

  4. Attendance by Meet Results

  5. Meet Results: Export Team Records to Excel

  6. Can I upload time standards?

  7. Clearing Athlete Approvals

  8. Do TeamUnify's LSC codes not match Team Manager's?

  9. Edit, Modify, Delete or Correct Times

  10. Generating an Eligibility Report

  11. Meet Results: See ALL meet results for athlete, including unattached and other teams - Match ID# Only

  12. Meet Results: Add an athlete's best time manually

  13. How do I attach new swimmer times?

  14. How do I create a meet/time in the TU database?

  15. How do I create a new time standard?

  16. Delete meet results / edit meet results details

  17. Edit meet results

  18. How do I export times and results using a TM backup

  19. How do I get the times zip file ready for import?

  20. Import meet results

  21. Import swimmer results/best times from Team Manager

  22. Meet Results: Generate meet fees from results

  23. Meet Results: Set Meet Types for results

  24. Meet Results: Create a record of top times on Team Records tab

  25. Meet Results: Time Reports feature comparison

  26. Meet Results: Top Times Reports

  27. Top Times by Athlete - Show all athletes' results

  28. Top Times by Event - Show all athlete's results

  29. Meet Results: Top Times Spreadsheet

  30. How do I generate a top times report by athlete against a standard (with age up option)?

  31. Athlete best time compared to a standard - Seasonal or Best

  32. Meet Results: Top Points Award Labels

  33. Meet Results: Improvements report

  34. Meet Results: Improvement labels by meet

  35. Single Meet Improvement report - Percentage of improvement from best time to selected meet

  36. Improvement Report - Finding the percentage of improvement from fastest recent time to selected meet

  37. Improvement Report - Finding the percentage improvement from the first time swim to a specific meet/date

  38. Improvement Report - Finding the percentage of athlete improvement on a meet by meet basis

  39. Meet Results: High Points Report

  40. Meet Results: Times Report Age Groups are incorrect

  41. Meet Results: Include mixed gender event results in Top Times Reports

  42. Why when I run a top times report for do all my swimmers appear in only specific age categories?

  43. Top Times Report - Linking to a Submenu

  44. How do I show proof of times?

  45. Meet Results: View athlete times by name or filter criteria

  46. View the number of meets your swimmers have attended

  47. Meet Attendance Report by Approved only or Declared and Approved

  48. Some Meet Results missing

  49. Merge ID, correcting ID mismatches in meet results

  50. My Live Results on MM says invalid user name or password for FTP

  51. Real Time Results: Password not working

  52. Swimmer ID Card specified already exists - error / Duplicate USA ID

  53. Split Sheet Reports

  54. Update Times won't use recent results

  55. Update All Events with new Meet Results / Times for Committed Athletes

  56. Meet Results: Auto update records that have been broken

  57. What is the blue L after my swimmers time?

  58. What order are my meet results sorting in?

  59. Why are swimmers results are missing from meets?

  60. Why aren't my swimmer's times showing but I know they are in the system?

  61. Why can't I see my kids meet results?

  62. Why do I see other team's meet results?

  63. Why do I see other team's times in the meet results?

  64. Why will my result file not load into TeamUnify?

  65. Why can't I import my un-attached swimmers?

  66. Importing high school or Zone meets - Results where athletes did not compete for your team

  67. Meet Results: Manually add meet results / swimmer's times

  68. Meet Results: Set up FTP/SwimOffice to work with Meet Manager Live Results

  69. Meet Results: Multiple Live Results for Meet Manager - additional working directories

  70. Athlete's Best Times - Viewing and Generating Options

  71. Meet Results: How swimmers link to their times in the TU database

  72. Meet Results: View relay results

  73. UK Meet Results: Age Up in Time Standards and Time Reports

  74. UK Meet Results: Results time conversion factors

  75. Meet Results: Set unattached code

  76. Can I post IMX and IMR records to my TeamUnify site?

  77. How to Print Participation Award Labels

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