Billing Setup

  1. Billing: Billing Quick Start Guide

  2. Billing: Billing System is not active warning message

  3. Billing: Sign up/apply for electronic ACH/credit card processing

  4. Billing: ACH/credit card fees charged to team

  5. Billing: Email account automatically when credit card fails

  6. Billing: Add/create chart of accounts (CoA)

  7. Billing: Track and show income by Roster Group

  8. Billing: QuickBooks TeamUnify Integration Guide

  9. Billing: Set billing due date and late fee

  10. Billing: Create/add/edit Billing Groups

  11. Billing: Can't delete a Billing Group

  12. Billing: Can't delete a Sub Billing Group

  13. Billing: Do not charge dues for specific months

  14. Billing: Add/edit/delete individual recurring account charges

  15. Billing: Multi Athlete Discount by dollar amount for recurring billing

  16. Billing: Amount charged on the 1st for CC/ACH

  17. Billing: Apply credit card/ACH transaction fee/surcharge automatically

  18. Billing: Allow parents to make on demand credit card payments

  19. Billing: Seasonal team ONLY - Billing Groups

  20. QuickBooks: Will customer (account) data be loaded from the IIF file?

  21. Billing: View when an account added or updated their credit card/ACH

  22. Billing: Recurring charge vs. non recurring charge

  23. Billing: Purpose of Board Members / Coaches FREE Billing Groups

  24. Billing: Can't enter information into billing system

  25. Billing: GST (Goods & Services Tax for AUS only) - implementing & reporting

  26. Billing: Multi Athlete Discount by percentage for recurring billing

  27. Billing: Payment Manager set up / Payment Option Settings

  28. Billing: ACH setup and verification by families

  29. Billing: Disable/remove option to pay by check/mail payment

  30. Billing: Only charge late fees to active/suspended accounts

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