1. Lessons deployment VIDEO tutorials

  2. Lesson Management VIDEO Tutorials

  3. Lesson Interactive QuickStart Guide

  4. Lessons: User Guide

  5. Lessons - How to turn it on

  6. Lessons - New Team: Cleanup your lesson program before you add/edit/deploy

  7. Lessons: Edit registration page components

  8. Can I access an account from the classes tab?

  9. Lessons: Rename "Swim Lessons" button

  10. Enforcing the emergency information to be filled

  11. Lessons: Update annual reg fee date for accounts/students

  12. Lessons: Turn off the automatic wait list function for check payers

  13. Lessons - Turning the lesson filters Days offered & Time offered

  14. Lessons and How do I see the Full Heat map?

  15. Lessons: Prorate class fees

  16. Lessons - Email All Active

  17. How can I hide the open slots on the public facing view?

  18. Lessons - Do financial transactions from Lessons get included in the QuickBooks iif file?

  19. Lessons: Edit an account, reset password or update information/email/SMS

  20. Lessons: Multi-class percentage discount

  21. Lessons: Multi-student/swimmer percentage discount

  22. Lessons: Can I delete an account or student?

  23. How do I email the instructors?

  24. How do I hide the Annual Registration Fee wording on Lesson Home Page?

  25. Lessons - Adding New, Clearing, Deleting slot limits

  26. Lessons: Multi Edit Basic Info for Classes

  27. Lessons: Multi Overwrite Slot Structure / Multi Update class times

  28. Lessons: View upcoming monthly classes revenue

  29. Lessons: Report of monthly classes revenue

  30. Lessons: Find and fix credit card failures in monthly billing

  31. Lessons - testing the lessons system

  32. How do I view the user defined fields in Lessons?

  33. Lessons: Set up a class for recurring monthly billing

  34. How do lesson sessions work?

  35. Lesson - Can I create/Clone a class with no or a zero fee associated with it?

  36. Lessons - Admins placing new students into a full class or onto a waitlist (override the slot limit)

  37. Lessons - Search returns a maximum 500 classes error

  38. Lesson - Can I hide the instructor tab?

  39. Lessons: Enter check payment / Pay & Approve

  40. Lesson - Email

  41. Lesson - How do I add an Instructor?

  42. Lesson - Creating Classes with No Times

  43. Lesson - I registered swimmers under my admin Account!

  44. Lessons - I moved my athlete but the payment screen did not show.

  45. Lesson - What is a Program / Subprogram / Class?

  46. Lesson - Why Can't I save my Class

  47. Lessons: Admin access levels

  48. Lesson Report of Account and Student Information

  49. Lessons - Setting Account Status (including suspending the recurring billing system)

  50. Lessons - Can I enforce the middle name during registration?

  51. Lessons - Can I generate a report showing Curriculum items?

  52. Lessons - How Family Fee works in Class setup

  53. Lessons: View Account and Student info on swim team side

  54. Lessons - Add Student to Lessons program

  55. Lessons - How do I add a waiver and make it optional or required?

  56. Lessons - How do I Add more registration spots to a class?

  57. Lesson - Search by 'ALL' on students tab and Accounts/Revenue Tab returns no data

  58. Lessons: Only allow returning students to signup/ different signup dates for returning vs new

  59. Lessons - How do I delete a Class?

  60. Lessons - How do I print or view legally binding agreements?

  61. Lessons - How do I turn off classes or disable them?

  62. Lessons: Allow/disallow check payments and credit cards

  63. Lessons - What is a Heat Map?

  64. Lessons - What is curriculum?

  65. Lessons - Why aren't my classes showing?

  66. Lessons - Why can't I see my Swim Lessons button or tab?

  67. Lessons Wait List Q&A

  68. Lessons: Annual Registration Fee per Account / Member

  69. Lessons: Apply additional fee/charge or discount based on yes/no question

  70. Lessons - Attendance Report

  71. Lessons: Chart of Accounts (Add New, Hidden, Show)

  72. Lessons: Convert Member / Can I push my lessons student to my Account Member Admin?

  73. Lessons: Coupon Code

  74. Lessons: Excel Export for students

  75. Lessons: Find which time slots students are in

  76. Lessons: How can I generate a refund report?

  77. Lessons: How can I know when new students register?

  78. Lessons: How can I view account revenue and student information?

  79. Lessons - Cancel / remove a student from a registration

  80. Lessons: Clone a class

  81. Lessons: Create/add multi-class discount

  82. Lessons - Creating a multi-swimmer dollar discount

  83. Lessons: How do I delete [Not Assigned] instructor from registration page?

  84. Lessons: How do I export a report that shows the medical notes?

  85. Lessons: Manually register student(s)

  86. Lessons: How do I print an instructors report?

  87. Lessons: Refund check or credit card

  88. Lessons: See who paid by check and credit card

  89. Lessons: Remove a waitlist/wait list student from the system

  90. Lessons - Management & reporting including attendance and student moves

  91. Lessons: Update credit card information

  92. Lessons: Add or edit pool location Map

  93. Lessons: Instructor reports - students, medical, attendance

  94. Lessons: Income Transaction Report

  95. Lessons: Moving Athletes / Students

  96. Lessons: Print a list of addresses, phone numbers and emails

  97. Lessons Step 1A - System Setup

  98. Lessons: User Defined Field for Account and/or Member

  99. Lessons: Change Payment Type for monthly classes

  100. Optionally send receipt email when you manually add or move a student

  101. Lessons - What is Class Manage?

  102. Lessons: Can't see Classes

  103. Why isn't my swim lesson module turned on?

  104. Can I delete classes in lessons?

  105. What order are Wait List students in? How do I view?

  106. Lessons: Mailing Labels

  107. Lessons: Admin reports - Students, Registrations, Classes, CCs

  108. Lessons - Account keeps getting the error that their login/password is not active

  109. Lessons: Non Admin update/change credit card

  110. Lessons - Expiring Credit Card Report

  111. Lessons: Manually refund a credit card to a different card or payment method

  112. GST (Goods & Services Tax for AUS only) - Lesson implementation / reporting

  113. Lessons: Add a charge or credit to a Lessons account

  114. Lessons: Why didn't an additional credit/charge apply to lessons account at checkout?

  115. Lessons: Pay an additional charge

  116. Lessons: Apply a credit to a Pay by Check charge

  117. Lessons - Do additional credits or charges apply to recurring billing?

  118. Lessons: Manual credit card charge or refund through payment gateway

  119. Lessons: Move a student to a different class

  120. Lessons: Customize the program registration bar(s)

  121. Lessons: Make on demand charges with credit cards

  122. Lessons: Disable/remove option to pay by check/mail payment

  123. Lessons: ACH not available

  124. Lessons: Accounts with credit cards - CC on File report

  125. Lessons: Refund additional payments

  126. Lessons: Instructor names are red in Heat Map

  127. Lessons: When class fees get charged

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