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  1. 'Contact Request' account status during online registration

  2. 404 Error

  3. 777 Error

  4. Account and Member Status definitions

  5. Account/Member Admin: Quick Start Guide and Tutorials

  6. Accounts/Members: Export a roster to import into Meet Manager

  7. Accounts/Members: Export accounts/members roster to Excel spreadsheet

  8. ACH and Credit Card Failure

  9. ACH is still pending

  10. Add / create a team partner

  11. Add a custom background / wallpaper

  12. Add a custom user defined field in Account/Member Admin or in Registration

  13. Add a forum to website

  14. Add a younger athlete to a relay - SwimUp Athlete

  15. Add and create a new Event or Meet

  16. Add Canadian time standards

  17. Add or ask questions in registration - user defined fields

  18. Add or create a new invoice item

  19. Add or edit a billing group

  20. Add Social Media Badges - Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  21. Add swimsuit / swim suit size to registration and to member profile

  22. Add Team Partners to site

  23. Adding Additional Per Member Charges - Optional or Required

  24. Adding Calendar Items (Including Roster Groups / Repeating or recurring items)

  25. Adding or Editing a Roster Group, Location, Sub Billing or Billing Group

  26. Adding results from TouchPad using TUSync

  27. Adding/Editing Time Standards for an LSC

  28. Adjust Event tabs on home page

  29. Adjust payments in the Fundraising System

  30. Admin Alerts - Service Hours System Setup Incomplete; how do I turn this off?

  31. Admins sign in members to jobs - How To

  32. Agreements / waivers and making them optional or required

  33. Allow pop ups in TeamUnify SwimOffice

  34. Alternatives to view IIF files

  35. Apply account credit to registration

  36. Applying the different filters in Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments

  37. Approve members in online registration

  38. Approving Athletes

  39. Are accounts notified when an on demand payment fails?

  40. Are there word limitations when a sponsor sets up an ad?

  41. ASA Registration tutorial

  42. Athlete best time compared to a standard - Seasonal or Best

  43. Athlete's Best Times - Viewing and Generating Options

  44. Athlete's times show NT in event

  45. Attend/Decline Event Button vs Edit Commitment button

  46. Attendance by Meet Results

  47. Automatically Archive or Manually Archive News

  48. Benefits of switching to the Chameleon template

  49. Best Practice to copy/paste text into the editor

  50. Best times discrepancies between meet entries and reports

  51. Billing Simulation Report

  52. Billing System VIDEO Tutorials

  53. Billing your accounts from the event system using the yes/no reply

  54. Billing: ACH - Invalid account number

  55. Billing: ACH setup and verification by families

  56. Billing: ACH Status - failures and processed amounts

  57. Billing: ACH/Credit card FAQs

  58. Billing: ACH/credit card fees charged to team

  59. Billing: Add a payment type as a family

  60. Billing: Add/create chart of accounts (CoA)

  61. Billing: Add/edit/delete individual recurring account charges

  62. Billing: Additional Per Account Charges

  63. Billing: Additional Per Member Charges

  64. Billing: Aging Report

  65. Billing: Allow parents to make on demand credit card payments

  66. Billing: Amount charged on the 1st for CC/ACH

  67. Billing: Apply credit card/ACH transaction fee/surcharge automatically

  68. Billing: Automatically send monthly invoices

  69. Billing: Avoid double billing accounts with Online Registration and recurring billing

  70. Billing: Billing Quick Start Guide

  71. Billing: Billing System is not active warning message

  72. Billing: Can't delete a Billing Group

  73. Billing: Can't delete a Sub Billing Group

  74. Billing: Can't enter information into billing system

  75. Billing: Cancel/undo/reverse meet fees

  76. Billing: Cancel/undo/reverse meet fees (old ver)

  77. Billing: Change/edit payment methods in Account

  78. Billing: CoA Sum report

  79. Billing: Create a surcharge for meet fees (old ver)

  80. Billing: Create or add a New Credit invoice

  81. Billing: Create/add/edit Billing Groups

  82. Billing: Credit card expiration failure and report

  83. Billing: Delete a meet fees batch

  84. Billing: Delete an Account's credit card or ACH information

  85. Billing: Delete/hide/unhide chart of accounts (CoA)

  86. Billing: Disable/remove option to pay by check/mail payment

  87. Billing: Do not charge dues for specific months

  88. Billing: Do SwimOffice QuickBooks Import IIF files work with QuickBooks Online?

  89. Billing: Email account automatically when credit card fails

  90. Billing: Email auto pay instructions - Notify families team accepts credit cards/ACH

  91. Billing: Email invoices and best practices

  92. Billing: Export and bill from Team Manager events file

  93. Billing: Generate meet fees for unattached swimmers from results

  94. Billing: GST (Goods & Services Tax for AUS only) - implementing & reporting

  95. Billing: Inc & Pay Sum report

  96. Billing: Inc Trans Rpt

  97. Billing: Inv Rpt

  98. Billing: Invoice and charge meet fees

  99. Billing: Invoice meet fees from an event (old ver)

  100. Billing: Invoice meet fees from meet results (old ver)

  101. Billing: Invoices & Payments Overview tab column headers

  102. Billing: Merge chart of accounts (CoA)

  103. Billing: Multi Athlete Discount by dollar amount for recurring billing

  104. Billing: Multi Athlete Discount by percentage for recurring billing

  105. Billing: Non Admin update/change credit card

  106. Billing: On demand charges and payments for Admins

  107. Billing: Only charge late fees to active/suspended accounts

  108. Billing: Payment Manager set up / Payment Option Settings

  109. Billing: Payment Sum report

  110. Billing: Purpose of Board Members / Coaches FREE Billing Groups

  111. Billing: QuickBooks TeamUnify Integration Guide

  112. Billing: Rec Inv Sum, credit cards processed

  113. Billing: Recurring charge vs. non recurring charge

  114. Billing: Refund an ACH payment or credit card donation

  115. Billing: Revert to generate meet fees (old ver)

  116. Billing: Seasonal team ONLY - Billing Groups

  117. Billing: Set billing due date and late fee

  118. Billing: Set up auto pay for a family

  119. Billing: Sign up/apply for electronic ACH/credit card processing

  120. Billing: Track and show income by Roster Group

  121. Billing: Update team credit card/ACH account used to pay TeamUnify invoices

  122. Billing: View credit card failures

  123. Billing: View generated meet fees totals

  124. Billing: View invoices/payments from account's perspective

  125. Billing: View when an account added or updated their credit card/ACH

  126. Billing: Void a CC transaction immediately (instead of using Refund option)

  127. Bonus events / exhibition events

  128. Bonus events in TouchPad

  129. Bringing balance forwards or previous balances over to start the billing system

  130. Browsers supported for TeamUnify sites

  131. Can an Account accidentally create a new account during online registration?

  132. Can coaches be added to Meet Entry Report?

  133. Can I access an account from the classes tab?

  134. Can I add HTML to my homepage text area?

  135. Can I bring my TU event file into TeamManager?

  136. Can I Customize the Color of my Team Title?

  137. Can I delete classes in lessons?

  138. Can I enforce accounts to signup for jobs during online registration?

  139. Can I have Backup Swimmers for my Relays?

  140. Can I Import Meet Results Files Using My Team Code Only?

  141. Can I import my entries into Team Manager?

  142. Can I move my command buttons?

  143. Can I post a payment against a chart of accounts?

  144. Can I post IMX and IMR records to my TeamUnify site?

  145. Can I remove a registration group safely from online registration?

  146. Can I remove my USA and/or LSC badge from my banner?

  147. Can I reset my Service Hours system for multiple times instead of yearly?

  148. Can I set a maximum number of jobs accounts are able to sign up for an event?

  149. Can I signup jobs by sessions or points instead of hours?

  150. Can I upload time standards?

  151. Can I use a debit card for credit card processing?

  152. Can IE by event be sorted by time? Account?

  153. Can my accounts add in names of who will be working their shifts in the Jobs Module?

  154. Can TeamUnify reverse charges unintentionally generated on the 1st?

  155. Can't enter time, such as 9:00 am

  156. Can't login to SportsEngine Mobile on iPad

  157. Canadian teams and sponsor center

  158. Chameleon users/New CMS users - Which one am I?

  159. Chameleon: Change to the Chameleon Template

  160. Chameleon: Quick Start Tutorial

  161. Change fundraising obligation

  162. Change my password

  163. Change settings on the spell checker

  164. Change the Rec League Code Attached to Team's Meet Entries

  165. Change the Registration Group or Location of existing registration

  166. Change the Title/Banner/Header Text

  167. Change the website background / wallpaper

  168. Change where Team Partners area appears

  169. Changing the USA Team Status and Level (Gold,Silver,Bronze & Level 1, 2, 3)

  170. Changing your DNS Settings

  171. Clear your browser cache and cookies

  172. Clearing Athlete Approvals

  173. Clone / Copy Event (Save As)

  174. Clone Jobs

  175. Coach's Page - Hiding the Board of Directors

  176. Coaching Tools web: Connect workouts to practices

  177. Coaching Tools: Complete lessons

  178. Coaching Tools: Default swimmers to out when taking attendance

  179. Coaching Tools: Hide workout details from parents and swimmers

  180. Coaching Tools: Import Workout Manager workouts

  181. Coaching Tools: Practices disappeared / Can't see practices

  182. Coaching Tools: Print workouts/sets

  183. Coaching Tools: Race Pace in workouts

  184. Coaching Tools: Record better video with external camera/camcorder

  185. Coaching Tools: Record videos tied to swim meet events and swimmers

  186. Coaching Tools: Send/email workouts

  187. Coaching Tools: Swimmers don't show when taking attendance

  188. Coaching Tools: Update lane order when swimmers pass others in test sets

  189. Coaching Tools: Video recording framerate - Normal vs Slo-Mo vs Economy

  190. Coaching Tools: When saving/exporting workouts/sets is optional

  191. Collect SE Registration fees during online registration

  192. Collect swim suit / swimsuit quantities (bulk orders) and collect money - How To

  193. Column sort ascending/descending

  194. Commit athletes to IE by event, swim-up athletes

  195. Committing Athletes

  196. Communication: Activate TeamFeed - Chameleon

  197. Communication: Add attachment to email

  198. Communication: Add News article - Chameleon

  199. Communication: Add News article - new CMS

  200. Communication: Add/edit an Email Group

  201. Communication: Create and send an email

  202. Communication: Do unverified email addresses and SMS numbers receive messages?

  203. Communication: Email Center signatures

  204. Communication: Email multiple CC recipients

  205. Communication: Email News to specific roster groups/billing groups/locations

  206. Communication: Email suspended or canceled/hidden Accounts or Members

  207. Communication: Email used as From address when sent from admin

  208. Communication: Email-to-SMS Gateway list

  209. Communication: Google Voice or any VoIP (cloud based phone) not listed in SMS carriers

  210. Communication: Manage email Opt-Outs/unsubscribes

  211. Communication: Manually opt-out/unsubscribe user from emails

  212. Communication: Mobilicity not listed in SMS carriers

  213. Communication: NET10 not listed in SMS carriers

  214. Communication: Resend failed email

  215. Communication: Send mobile push notifications from web

  216. Communication: Send SMS text from the SwimOffice website

  217. Communication: SMS cell carrier not listed

  218. Communication: Some accounts not receiving emails - Mails Probably NOT Opened

  219. Communication: Straight Talk not listed in SMS carriers

  220. Communication: Tracfone not listed in SMS carriers

  221. Communication: Track emails sent outside of the Email Center

  222. Communication: User did not receive SMS verification text

  223. Communication: Users can unsubscribe from emails

  224. Communication: View which Accounts have verified emails/SMS numbers

  225. Communication: Vodafone not listed in SMS carriers

  226. Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

  227. Configure / edit the meet file to change event(s)

  228. Connecting Picasa with my blog to instantly update my photos

  229. Contact Us Button - Marketing Best Practice

  230. Corrupted data, in my committed athletes tab?

  231. Course conversion of times/factoring of times

  232. Create a Facebook page for your team

  233. Create a photo slideshow/slide show on home page

  234. Creating multi-age events in TouchPad

  235. Creating Single & Double Line Spacing

  236. Credit Card and ACH Security

  237. Credit Memo versus Credit Refund

  238. Critical removal of a page or site from Google's search results

  239. Custom report print or Excel - Member/Athlete or Account report of data

  240. Customize / link Command home page buttons

  241. Data plan needed for mobile device using OnDeck

  242. Dealing with duplicate registrations

  243. Delete a Roster Group

  244. Delete and undelete accounts and members

  245. Delete meet results / edit meet results details

  246. Deleting a Coach or Board Member from the Coaches Tab

  247. Deleting a TouchPad meet from SwimOffice events tab

  248. Deleting an uninvoiced item

  249. Deployment VIDEO Tutorials

  250. Deployment: Maintain SEO page ranking / 301 URL page redirects

  251. Deposit Report

  252. Different service hours requirements for different groups

  253. Disable TouchPad starting up when you computer starts up

  254. Do emails sent to primary email addresses get copied to the secondary email addresses?

  255. Do NOT active accounts with a CC or ACH for autopay still get charged?

  256. Do our charges separate into any report from the Online Registration system?

  257. Do TeamUnify's LSC codes not match Team Manager's?

  258. Does MeetManager ™ / Meet Manager ™ accept an SD3 file?

  259. Does OnDeck work on an iPad or tablet?

  260. Does Online Registration allow ACH?

  261. Does Reactivating / turning on an account change the password?

  262. Does TeamUnify Email Passwords?

  263. Does TeamUnify handle Escrow accounts?

  264. Domain masking / vanity URLs

  265. Domain name / URL has stopped working

  266. Double bucket billing - two bank accounts for deposits

  267. Download OnDeck

  268. Downloading the Swim-A-Thon Blue Book

  269. Edit Attendance or Workout report on the Website / SwimOffice - Sync back to OnDeck

  270. Edit meet results

  271. Edit USA Registration fields for the whole team

  272. Edit, Modify, Delete or Correct Times

  273. Edit/Add/Delete existing times, results and relays for athletes in the times database

  274. Email Billing Summary and best practices

  275. Email Groups

  276. Email members / athletes who have not registered through the online registration system

  277. Email the Password to one, many or multiple Accounts

  278. Email: Customize pre-templated emails in SwimOffice

  279. Emailing invited teams for a TouchPad meet

  280. Embed a PDF in a web page

  281. Embed a YouTube video

  282. Embedding a Google Spreadsheet / Excel

  283. Embedding Videos into your Site

  284. Enable non-Super User to administer TUMoney platform

  285. Enable or disable spell check

  286. Enforcing the emergency information to be filled

  287. Enter a bounced NSF check

  288. Enter athletes into events using QuickEntries

  289. Entry Report: Why do some times say "missing meet!"?

  290. EV3 File is missing from Event Zip Folder

  291. Event Creation - Most Frequently Asked Questions

  292. Event Email Invite - Can you change who sends this

  293. Event Fundraising - Parent setup guide for their child/athlete/participant

  294. Events: Add EV3 file to Event after athletes have declared

  295. Events: Allow athletes to sign up by day/session instead of event

  296. Events: Diving events in SwimOffice

  297. Events: Email meet invite to specific swimmers

  298. Events: Enable/disable email confirmations for event declaration

  299. Events: Hide event from Non-Admin/public - Admin only Event view

  300. Events: Load ev3 events file into meet

  301. Events: Reimport ev3 events file

  302. Events: Restrict meet entry based on amounts due/owed, CC/ACH payment types

  303. Events: Restrict meet to certain Billing or Roster Groups/Locations

  304. Events: Set athletes as unattached or attached in meet entries

  305. Events: Update ev3 events file

  306. Events: View and use swim-up/swimup athletes

  307. Events: View/access past events

  308. Events: What multi-cut course order means in event entry file - YSL YLS LSY LYS SLY

  309. Export a spreadsheet with swimsuit / swim suit size information

  310. Facebook badges and social plugins

  311. Facebook posts from OnDeck don't show in my news feed

  312. Filter by Gender - Member Tab

  313. Find Workers Who have/have not signed up for a job

  314. Forwarding an email from the email center

  315. Fund Raising Integration with Billing System

  316. Fundraising Admin: Admin level needed to access

  317. Fundraising System Did not set Obligation / New amounts only applied to some not all

  318. Fundraising System Setup

  319. Fundraising: Add a PayPal donate button

  320. Fundraising: Meaning of red numbers and asterisks

  321. Generate report that shows overview of how TUMoney fundraising event is progressing by Account

  322. Generating a Meet Entries file

  323. Generating a Meet Entries Report

  324. Generating an Eligibility Report

  325. Generating an Un-Invoiced Report

  326. Getting Started Checklist for SwimOffice's Online Registration

  327. Getting Started with SwimOffice's Online Registration Setup and Management

  328. Getting to the Finish Line - Season Teams

  329. GST (Goods & Services Tax for AUS only) - Lesson implementation / reporting

  330. Help & Training video tutorial - Help & Training 101

  331. Help Tools - Instant Answers to your questions

  332. Hiding a member profile in Member Admin

  333. Hiding the job length in hours that is displayed to the accounts

  334. How calendar items are sorted

  335. How can I add scrolling text or a marquee?

  336. How can I add text to my pictures?

  337. How can I hide the open slots on the public facing view?

  338. How can I see the Account Level recurring charges for all my accounts?

  339. How can I see who has replied online (declined) to an event?

  340. How can I set my Fundraising Event to only include specific Roster Groups?

  341. How Can I Tell Who Has A Verified Email Address?

  342. How can my parents run a meet entry report listing all meets they have entered?

  343. How come I don’t see my fundraising program that I just created?

  344. How do I add a Facebook like button?

  345. How do I add a multi-swimmer discount to the registration system?

  346. How do I add a photo to a profile?

  347. How do I add a URL to a picture?

  348. How do I add an Event Category?

  349. How do I add HTML to a page?

  350. How do I add notes on invoices?

  351. How do I add sound to my website?

  352. How do I approve relays?

  353. How do I attach new swimmer times?

  354. How do I change a coach's email on coach page?

  355. How do I change the bank account into which TeamUnify site deposits payments?

  356. How do I change the layout of TeamUnify websites?

  357. How Do I Change the Time on our website to reflect my time zone?

  358. How do I contact support?

  359. How do I convert birth date from international to US format in excel file?

  360. How do I correct a meet fee in the Event File

  361. How do I create a forward for one of my team branded email addresses in Google apps?

  362. How do I create a meet/time in the TU database?

  363. How do I create a new time standard?

  364. How do I create a online form or survey with Google Docs?

  365. How do I create a PDF?

  366. How do I create a record for an athlete not in my member database?

  367. How do I create a relay with no members in it?

  368. How do I create an Excel report that includes donor information?

  369. How do I create an Excel report that includes service hours history for a selectable date range?

  370. How do I create my Entry Report in a two column format?

  371. How do I create thumbnails of pictures?

  372. How do I delete a registration?

  373. How do I delete an event?

  374. How do I delete an offline donation?

  375. How do I delete individual event records in meets?

  376. How do I delete meet results and reimport?

  377. How do I delete my payments in the IIF import?

  378. How do I delete registrations to make the list more manageable?

  379. How do I edit an existing account?

  380. How do I email job volunteers?

  381. How do I email the instructors?

  382. How do I email the team account from the event fundraising system?

  383. How Do I Embed a Google Calendar?

  384. How do I embed a PowerPoint presentation on one of my pages?

  385. How do I embed a Vimeo video?

  386. How do I enforce qualifying times?

  387. How do I exclude an athlete(s) from a relay?

  388. How do I export times and results using a TM backup

  389. How do I generate a meet fee breakdown PDF for a Meet?

  390. How do I generate a report of the Jobs Module that includes the optional volunteer information (Worker Names)?

  391. How do I generate a top times report by athlete against a standard (with age up option)?

  392. How do I generate financial reports based on the recipient/participant of the fundraising dollars?

  393. How do I generate my Top Performer Reports?

  394. How do I generate reports detailing my donors by program?

  395. How do I get a link to open in a new window?

  396. How do I get Team Manager Entry files off of the website?

  397. How do I get the times zip file ready for import?

  398. How do I hide the Annual Registration Fee wording on Lesson Home Page?

  399. How do I Implement a yes/no question to adjust the fees in the Registration Module?

  400. How do I invoice unpaid registrations?

  401. How do I link to files in an email?

  402. How do I locate my signed contracts? Who signed the contract?

  403. How do I make sure my website is COPPA compliant?

  404. How do I manually enter qualifying times and custom times in events?

  405. How do I manually process a credit card for a registration?

  406. How do I manually register a swimmer if I'm using the Online Registration Module?

  407. How do I Move the Sign in column from Left to Right?

  408. How do I preview the password email?

  409. How do I print "Participation Award" labels

  410. How do I print a check register or bank deposit form?

  411. How do I print an invoice?

  412. How do I print entry labels/cards?

  413. How do I recover a Google Apps password?

  414. How do I refund an online registration?

  415. How do I remove someone from job signups whose status is canceled/hidden?

  416. How do I require my members to save their Credit Card information in Registration for auto-pay?

  417. How do I reset service obligation hours?

  418. How do I reset the balance of hours?

  419. How do I resize the column or cell width in a table?

  420. How do I search for a Sponsor?

  421. How do I see what admin posted a payment or invoice in the billing system?

  422. How Do I See What My Team/Club Codes Are?

  423. How do I see who has used the Swim Today Widget?

  424. How do I send an email to accounts that have not sent Fundraising material to donors?

  425. How Do I Send to All the Emails in Each Individual Account?

  426. How do I setup incentives for my Fundraising event?

  427. How do I setup/edit account details in your gateway?

  428. How do I show proof of times?

  429. How do I track the number of donor emails sent from TUMoney Event Fundraising?

  430. How do I turn off a fundraiser?

  431. How do I turn off the Incentive Tracking Tab that is publicly viewable?

  432. How do I turn on the TUMoney tab?

  433. How do I turn on/off the Fundraising Module?

  434. How do I Turn On/Off the Service Hours Module?

  435. How do I use the new Swim Today (formerly Americas Swim Team) interface to collect leads for my team?

  436. How do I use the Quick Entries / QuickEntries system to enter my athletes into events?

  437. How do I view the user defined fields in Lessons?

  438. How do lesson sessions work?

  439. How do sponsors sign up using the sponsor center?

  440. How do you change who receives the TU invoices?

  441. How does registration affect the billing system?

  442. How does the Multi Swimmer Discount calculate in Registration for dollar amounts?

  443. How many sponsors can we have on our site?

  444. How much does my team get back from sponsors who sign up in Sponsor Center?

  445. How QuickBooks views refunds made in SwimOffice

  446. How to Add Free Billing Account and Member

  447. How To Add Meta Key Words To Your Site?

  448. How to setup Outlook to receive TeamUnify provided Email Account

  449. How To Un-Commit an Athlete for an Event

  450. HTTP Error 404 when I link to a document

  451. I Received a Warning When Editing SwimOffice's Registration's Dates. Why?

  452. I want to control my own zone files. How do I do this?

  453. I want to download OnDeck but don't want to use a credit card to create an iTunes account.

  454. If I change the status of an account to something other than active will they be able to login?

  455. If I confirm jobs using OnDeck and they are set as points in SwimOffice will it report as points?

  456. If my TouchPad meet will not sync how do I get the host my file?

  457. Import meet results

  458. Import swimmer results/best times from Team Manager

  459. Importing high school or Zone meets - Results where athletes did not compete for your team

  460. Improvement Report - Finding the percentage improvement from the first time swim to a specific meet/date

  461. Improvement Report - Finding the percentage of athlete improvement on a meet by meet basis

  462. Improvement Report - Finding the percentage of improvement from fastest recent time to selected meet

  463. IMX/IMR points reporting using a TouchPad results file

  464. Invalid Term ID error when using a credit card

  465. Is there a "Processed ACH report" PDF like there is a credit card PDF report for auto payments completed via ACH?

  466. Is there a way to designate exhibition swimmers or exhibition events?

  467. Is there a way to export the team records in a file to import into Meet Manager?

  468. iTunes gives "unknown error (2001)" upon Store request

  469. Job Reminder and Notification Alerts - Email and Verified SMS (text)

  470. Job Reports for Signups on Meet Day

  471. Job Signup - How can I turn off and keep data?

  472. Job Signup - Public View and Admin Signing Up Other Accounts Function

  473. Jobs & Service Hours VIDEO Tutorials

  474. Jobs - Creating Volunteer Labels

  475. Jobs QuickStart Guide

  476. Jobs: Activate/allow job signups

  477. Jobs: Add worked jobs/service hours manually

  478. Jobs: Email the Job Signup Invitation

  479. Jobs: Mark jobs worked/complete - Set Job Done

  480. Jobs: Use points/sessions instead of hours in Jobs/Service Hours

  481. Lesson - Can I create/Clone a class with no or a zero fee associated with it?

  482. Lesson - Can I hide the instructor tab?

  483. Lesson - Creating Classes with No Times

  484. Lesson - Email

  485. Lesson - How do I add an Instructor?

  486. Lesson - I registered swimmers under my admin Account!

  487. Lesson - Search by 'ALL' on students tab and Accounts/Revenue Tab returns no data

  488. Lesson - What is a Program / Subprogram / Class?

  489. Lesson - Why Can't I save my Class

  490. Lesson Interactive QuickStart Guide

  491. Lesson Management VIDEO Tutorials

  492. Lesson Report of Account and Student Information

  493. Lessons - Account keeps getting the error that their login/password is not active

  494. Lessons - Add Student to Lessons program

  495. Lessons - Adding New, Clearing, Deleting slot limits

  496. Lessons - Admins placing new students into a full class or onto a waitlist (override the slot limit)

  497. Lessons - Attendance Report

  498. Lessons - Can I enforce the middle name during registration?

  499. Lessons - Can I generate a report showing Curriculum items?

  500. Lessons - Cancel / remove a student from a registration

  501. Lessons - Creating a multi-swimmer dollar discount

  502. Lessons - Do additional credits or charges apply to recurring billing?

  503. Lessons - Do financial transactions from Lessons get included in the QuickBooks iif file?

  504. Lessons - Email All Active

  505. Lessons - Expiring Credit Card Report

  506. Lessons - How do I add a waiver and make it optional or required?

  507. Lessons - How do I Add more registration spots to a class?

  508. Lessons - How do I delete a Class?

  509. Lessons - How do I print or view legally binding agreements?

  510. Lessons - How do I turn off classes or disable them?

  511. Lessons - How Family Fee works in Class setup

  512. Lessons - How to turn it on

  513. Lessons - I moved my athlete but the payment screen did not show.

  514. Lessons - Management & reporting including attendance and student moves

  515. Lessons - New Team: Cleanup your lesson program before you add/edit/deploy

  516. Lessons - Search returns a maximum 500 classes error

  517. Lessons - Setting Account Status (including suspending the recurring billing system)

  518. Lessons - testing the lessons system

  519. Lessons - Turning the lesson filters Days offered & Time offered

  520. Lessons - What is a Heat Map?

  521. Lessons - What is Class Manage?

  522. Lessons - What is curriculum?

  523. Lessons - Why aren't my classes showing?

  524. Lessons - Why can't I see my Swim Lessons button or tab?

  525. Lessons and How do I see the Full Heat map?

  526. Lessons deployment VIDEO tutorials

  527. Lessons Step 1A - System Setup

  528. Lessons Wait List Q&A

  529. Lessons: Add or edit pool location Map

  530. Lessons: Accounts with credit cards - CC on File report

  531. Lessons: ACH not available

  532. Lessons: Add a charge or credit to a Lessons account

  533. Lessons: Admin access levels

  534. Lessons: Admin reports - Students, Registrations, Classes, CCs

  535. Lessons: Allow/disallow check payments and credit cards

  536. Lessons: Annual Registration Fee per Account / Member

  537. Lessons: Apply a credit to a Pay by Check charge

  538. Lessons: Apply additional fee/charge or discount based on yes/no question

  539. Lessons: Can I delete an account or student?

  540. Lessons: Can't see Classes

  541. Lessons: Change Payment Type for monthly classes

  542. Lessons: Chart of Accounts (Add New, Hidden, Show)

  543. Lessons: Clone a class

  544. Lessons: Convert Member / Can I push my lessons student to my Account Member Admin?

  545. Lessons: Coupon Code

  546. Lessons: Create/add multi-class discount

  547. Lessons: Customize the program registration bar(s)

  548. Lessons: Disable/remove option to pay by check/mail payment

  549. Lessons: Edit an account, reset password or update information/email/SMS

  550. Lessons: Edit registration page components

  551. Lessons: Enter check payment / Pay & Approve

  552. Lessons: Excel Export for students

  553. Lessons: Find and fix credit card failures in monthly billing

  554. Lessons: Find which time slots students are in

  555. Lessons: How can I generate a refund report?

  556. Lessons: How can I know when new students register?

  557. Lessons: How can I view account revenue and student information?

  558. Lessons: How do I delete [Not Assigned] instructor from registration page?

  559. Lessons: How do I export a report that shows the medical notes?

  560. Lessons: How do I print an instructors report?

  561. Lessons: Income Transaction Report

  562. Lessons: Instructor names are red in Heat Map

  563. Lessons: Instructor reports - students, medical, attendance

  564. Lessons: Mailing Labels

  565. Lessons: Make on demand charges with credit cards

  566. Lessons: Manual credit card charge or refund through payment gateway

  567. Lessons: Manually refund a credit card to a different card or payment method

  568. Lessons: Manually register student(s)

  569. Lessons: Move a student to a different class

  570. Lessons: Moving Athletes / Students

  571. Lessons: Multi Edit Basic Info for Classes

  572. Lessons: Multi Overwrite Slot Structure / Multi Update class times

  573. Lessons: Multi-class percentage discount

  574. Lessons: Multi-student/swimmer percentage discount

  575. Lessons: Non Admin update/change credit card

  576. Lessons: Only allow returning students to signup/ different signup dates for returning vs new

  577. Lessons: Pay an additional charge

  578. Lessons: Print a list of addresses, phone numbers and emails

  579. Lessons: Prorate class fees

  580. Lessons: Refund additional payments

  581. Lessons: Refund check or credit card

  582. Lessons: Remove a waitlist/wait list student from the system

  583. Lessons: Rename "Swim Lessons" button

  584. Lessons: Report of monthly classes revenue

  585. Lessons: See who paid by check and credit card

  586. Lessons: Set up a class for recurring monthly billing

  587. Lessons: Turn off the automatic wait list function for check payers

  588. Lessons: Update annual reg fee date for accounts/students

  589. Lessons: Update credit card information

  590. Lessons: User Defined Field for Account and/or Member

  591. Lessons: User Guide

  592. Lessons: View Account and Student info on swim team side

  593. Lessons: View upcoming monthly classes revenue

  594. Lessons: When class fees get charged

  595. Lessons: Why didn't an additional credit/charge apply to lessons account at checkout?

  596. Limit the Number of Events Shown on the website home page

  597. Limit the Number of News Items Shown on the Homepage of my Sites

  598. Link a photo / image

  599. Link to a page

  600. Linking or uploading a document

  601. Locations - How they affect billing, registration and OnDeck

  602. MainSet rebranded as Coaching Tools

  603. Make a registration partial payment

  604. Make bulk changes on accounts & members and billing & roster groups

  605. Make, record, enter or add a payment

  606. Making a view the default using filters

  607. Manually adding a swimmer to a meet in TouchPad

  608. Manually enter SwimOffice transactions into QuickBooks

  609. Manually reset password for account

  610. Mark/view paid SE Registration fees

  611. Meet & Events - LSC team and online meet entry. How to turn it on.

  612. Meet Attendance Report by Approved only or Declared and Approved

  613. Meet Entries: Add/edit/enforce day/session entry limits

  614. Meet Entries: Auto add / build NT relays

  615. Meet Entries: Change Course Type

  616. Meet Entries: Create a Relay using Auto Find, Add NT Relay, or Manual Add

  617. Meet Entries: Generate meet fees batch/report from entries

  618. Meet Entries: Generate meet fees file/report (old ver)

  619. Meet Entries: Heat and lane assignments

  620. Meet Entries: Not USA Registered athletes, Entry Report

  621. Meet Entries: Restrict entry times to certain meet type(s)

  622. Meet Entries: Set Athlete's Attach Date to auto set UNattached

  623. Meet Entries: Update meet entry times when importing meet results

  624. Meet Entries: Update Times for Committed Athletes

  625. Meet Entries: USA Swimming athlete registration check

  626. Meet Entries: Use converted times for relay entry times

  627. Meet Entries: Use only recent times for entry times

  628. Meet Entries: Using two team club codes for combo teams

  629. Meet Entries: View Commitment Log of changes made

  630. Meet Results VIDEO Tutorials

  631. Meet Results: Add an athlete's best time manually

  632. Meet Results: Auto update records that have been broken

  633. Meet Results: Create a record of top times on Team Records tab

  634. Meet Results: Export Team Records to Excel

  635. Meet Results: Generate meet fees from results

  636. Meet Results: High Points Report

  637. Meet Results: How swimmers link to their times in the TU database

  638. Meet Results: Improvement labels by meet

  639. Meet Results: Improvements report

  640. Meet Results: Include mixed gender event results in Top Times Reports

  641. Meet Results: Manually add meet results / swimmer's times

  642. Meet Results: Multiple Live Results for Meet Manager - additional working directories

  643. Meet Results: See ALL meet results for athlete, including unattached and other teams - Match ID# Only

  644. Meet Results: Set Meet Types for results

  645. Meet Results: Set unattached code

  646. Meet Results: Set up FTP/SwimOffice to work with Meet Manager Live Results

  647. Meet Results: Time Reports feature comparison

  648. Meet Results: Times Report Age Groups are incorrect

  649. Meet Results: Top Points Award Labels

  650. Meet Results: Top Times Reports

  651. Meet Results: Top Times Spreadsheet

  652. Meet Results: View athlete times by name or filter criteria

  653. Meet Results: View relay results

  654. Meets & Events VIDEO Tutorials

  655. Member login and password isn't working

  656. Membership UK: DBS Check Date field

  657. Membership/Registration: Export t-shirt sizes

  658. Membership: Account notes that only Superusers can see

  659. Membership: Add / create new Account

  660. Membership: Add a Coach or Director to the Coaches Page

  661. Membership: Add a Roster Group

  662. Membership: Add and verify a cell number for SMS/texting

  663. Membership: Add email addresses to Accounts and Members

  664. Membership: Add or Edit a Member

  665. Membership: Build ID Card # / Member/athlete/swimmer ID #

  666. Membership: Can an admin verify an email address or SMS number?

  667. Membership: Can I age up all of my athletes?

  668. Membership: Can I create a new Account without a valid email address?

  669. Membership: Can I merge Accounts? Dealing with duplicate accounts/members

  670. Membership: Can't add account because email already exists

  671. Membership: Cancelled/Hidden vs Suspended vs Waiting for Approval status

  672. Membership: Customize t-shirt sizes

  673. Membership: Delete Member/Athlete/Swimmer

  674. Membership: Determine account's most recent/last log in

  675. Membership: Determine accounts with ONLY inactive members

  676. Membership: Divorced parents account - How to handle in SwimOffice

  677. Membership: Duplicate email / email already exists / can't add account

  678. Membership: Enable/disable Member Search

  679. Membership: Exclude accounts from meet financial requirements

  680. Membership: Export roster/members for import into Team Manager

  681. Membership: Find out who was in which Roster Groups/Squads in the past

  682. Membership: Hide Member from search in Members tab

  683. Membership: Member and coach photo size guidelines

  684. Membership: Member notes that only Superusers can see

  685. Membership: Members cannot be under more than one account

  686. Membership: Multi-Edit account or member fields

  687. Membership: Multi-edit accounts or members

  688. Membership: Number of email addresses and SMS numbers allowed

  689. Membership: Opt-in/opt-out of Member Search

  690. Membership: Printing an Attendance Report

  691. Membership: Privacy Settings - Set Data Visibility

  692. Membership: Privacy Settings - Set Roster/Squad Admins

  693. Membership: Reset password / email password/login email

  694. Membership: Reset t-shirt sizes to blank

  695. Membership: Save a custom search - Saved Views

  696. Membership: Save and customize filters, columns and views

  697. Membership: Upload/import member database for those without Team Manager

  698. Membership: Use filters to display specific lists of accounts/members

  699. Membership: User Admin type access level definitions

  700. Membership: Verify my email address

  701. Membership: View individual athlete meet results, best times

  702. Membership: View MainSet videos

  703. Membership: What do I do if I forgot my password?

  704. Membership: Workout / Attendance Report

  705. Merge ID, correcting ID mismatches in meet results

  706. Move an athlete/member from under one account to the other

  707. Moving page contents to another page or tab

  708. Multi Decline Athletes

  709. Multi Edit Date and Time Period in Job Setup

  710. My columns don't show in account member admin

  711. My Email Footer Does Not Contain My Domain Name

  712. My Email footer does not contain my domain name

  713. My Live Results on MM says invalid user name or password for FTP

  714. Need to pay for site hosting and domain name hosting

  715. New CMS: Add Command Buttons to other pages

  716. New CMS: Add favicon to site

  717. New CMS: Add team name to site

  718. New CMS: Chameleon vs new CMS menus

  719. New CMS: Command buttons

  720. New CMS: Components

  721. New CMS: General Settings, Mobile Navigation header

  722. New CMS: Generic Photo / ad banner

  723. New CMS: Image optimization

  724. New CMS: Layout Section

  725. New CMS: Move menu tab

  726. New CMS: News article links disabled on home page

  727. New CMS: Old menus vs new menus

  728. New CMS: Photo Slideshow

  729. New CMS: Site not found

  730. New CMS: Supported HTML tags

  731. New CMS: Switch to new calendar

  732. New CMS: Team logo

  733. New CMS: Warnings button

  734. New CMS: What each side menu item does

  735. New England Swimming Check Athlete Registration Errors

  736. No Contact Email Assigned error

  737. OnDeck - Deck entered athletes are pushed back to SwimOffice/TeamUnify & billing from results

  738. OnDeck for Microsoft Windows Mobile Phone

  739. OnDeck Parent no longer supported

  740. OnDeck: Active and inactive Accounts

  741. OnDeck: Add and verify a cell number for SMS/texting

  742. OnDeck: Add guest swimmer to attendance

  743. OnDeck: Automatic login and Touch ID

  744. OnDeck: Canned messages

  745. OnDeck: Coach video tutorials

  746. OnDeck: Combine/uncombine events

  747. OnDeck: Communicate via email, SMS and push notifications

  748. OnDeck: Compare athletes to time standards

  749. OnDeck: Compare best times to time standard(s)

  750. OnDeck: Create/add invoice/credit, payment/refund

  751. OnDeck: Declare/commit/sign up for upcoming meets

  752. OnDeck: Default swimmers to out when taking attendance

  753. OnDeck: Entry limit bar graphs

  754. OnDeck: Hide and publish/unhide events

  755. OnDeck: How to login / log in / sign in

  756. OnDeck: Invite membership to use OnDeck

  757. OnDeck: Multiple simultaneous users

  758. OnDeck: Quick-start guides for coaches and parents

  759. OnDeck: Show past due accounts when taking attendance

  760. OnDeck: Swimmer Entry screen

  761. OnDeck: Take attendance for a previous/past date

  762. OnDeck: Turn off push notifications

  763. OnDeck: Upcoming Events tab, Past Events

  764. OnDeck: View race times in SwimOffice

  765. OnDeck: Wi-Fi and cellular networks compatibility

  766. Online Meet Entry (OME) - USA Swimming

  767. Online registration - allowing new members/children to signup if account and/or member already exists

  768. Online Registration - Creating Registration Groups - a must READ!

  769. Online Registration - Ensuring member/athlete/children medical information is filled in and added

  770. Online Registration - How do I turn it off?

  771. Online Registration - I updated the athlete's information in Account/Member Admin but the registration system doesn't update

  772. Online Registration - Members approved but say Not Paid

  773. Online Registration - Most Common Scenarios and Mistakes and How to Solve

  774. Online Registration - My registration is on but I can't see it. Set as Current.

  775. Online Registration - Preferred Name Required or Optional

  776. Online Registration - Preparing, Communicating and Marketing your Online Registration

  777. Online Registration - Setting Maximum Limits by Group or Global Limits

  778. Online Registration - Using the event system to sign up for and bill for a social event

  779. Online Registration VIDEO Tutorials

  780. Opening sync back up to allow a team to update entries and sync to TouchPad

  781. Optionally send receipt email when you manually add or move a student

  782. Parents (non admin) See All of The Jobs they Have Signed Up For

  783. Parents: Add a credit card or ACH to account for auto pay

  784. Parents: Add and verify a cell number in OnDeck for SMS/texting

  785. Parents: Add and verify a cell number in SwimOffice for SMS/texting

  786. Parents: Make on demand payments

  787. Parents: Set up fundraising for your athlete

  788. Parents: Sign up athlete for meet / Commit to events

  789. Parents: Video tutorials

  790. Parents: View videos in SwimOffice

  791. Parents: Volunteer/sign up for jobs

  792. Partner Logo Size

  793. Past meets showing in upcoming meets in OnDeck

  794. Photo or document won't upload or attach to email

  795. Preferred name in athlete member profile - Overview of uses

  796. Print Athlete Roster or Member Directory

  797. Print in TouchPad

  798. Print mailing labels

  799. Print or produce a report with account information or member information?

  800. Print SE Registration data

  801. Printing Rosters

  802. Purchasing a new domain name

  803. Quick Start Guide from meet creation to posting results

  804. Quickbooks - Can I use Account numbers?

  805. QuickBooks - Recording payments in QuickBooks undeposited funds to bank

  806. QuickBooks CoA shows $0 or negative amount after IIF import and Account Type set to Bank

  807. QuickBooks Error - you cannot have multiple AP or AR accounts (error varies)

  808. QuickBooks Error 21 or Tax Field Error given on IIF import

  809. QuickBooks error line 6

  810. QuickBooks error line numbers. How do know what the line number is referring to?

  811. QuickBooks IIF File was imported but I don't see the receivables/invoice in my reports (Canadian date issue)

  812. QuickBooks IIF import error - Can’t record a negative payment

  813. QuickBooks is not importing IIF file - multiple line errors (error line 6,9,15 etc) on first import

  814. QuickBooks: Dealing with undeposited funds

  815. QuickBooks: Will customer (account) data be loaded from the IIF file?

  816. Reader error

  817. Real Time Results: Password not working

  818. Reconcile the differences between TeamUnify and C & H Financial Services (formerly Process Pink)

  819. Record a payment by check in a registration

  820. Refund a Credit Balance when refunding by check

  821. Refunding on demand or Credit Card /CC payments

  822. Refunding Past/Historical Credit Card / CC charges

  823. Registration - Adding a Custom/User Defined Payment Method

  824. Registration - Handling a credit/negative amount

  825. Registration: Add a charge to a registration

  826. Registration: Add mobile friendly button to home page

  827. Registration: Add Registration button to homepage

  828. Registration: Add/edit a required, optional, or optional quantity per account charge

  829. Registration: Apply credit card transaction fee/surcharge automatically

  830. Registration: Charge a late fee

  831. Registration: Connect outstanding balances/credits, double bucket billing

  832. Registration: Copy / Clone an Event Registration

  833. Registration: Copy / clone an Online Registration

  834. Registration: Custom message on Account Setup and Member Selection pages

  835. Registration: Display Registration in SportsEngine directory listing

  836. Registration: Double bucket billing and payments by check

  837. Registration: Electronic signatures

  838. Registration: Enforce collecting outstanding balance

  839. Registration: Export report of Registration and financial data

  840. Registration: Hide Check Status button

  841. Registration: Hide unneeded fields and dates

  842. Registration: Reasons NOT to reuse old registrations

  843. Registration: Register Board Members' and Coaches' athletes

  844. Registration: Rename or hide "Start Registration" button

  845. Registration: Set age range for registration groups

  846. Registration: Set up to accept credit cards

  847. Registration: Show or hide t-shirt, swimsuit, jacket, and pant sizes

  848. Registration: Test before turning on/activating

  849. Registration: Update status on accounts and members who do not register

  850. Registration: View or print agreements and waivers

  851. Registration: What families see when they register

  852. Registration: When account/member updates transfer to Account/Member Admin

  853. Reinstall OnDeck

  854. Rejecting Entries

  855. Relationship of Billing Groups, Roster Groups, Registration Groups, Locations

  856. Require SE Registration information during online registration

  857. Require USA Registration information during online registration

  858. Reset Service Hours with an inactive billing system

  859. Resetting your USA Packet Registration batch numbers

  860. Roster Groups don't appear in calendar drop down

  861. Run a dual team intrasquad meet

  862. Searching in Account Member Admin

  863. Seasonal Admin Setup Suggestions

  864. Seasonal Team - Can I change my LSC code to match Team Manager?

  865. Seasonal Teams - User Guide

  866. See all jobs one account or many accounts has signed up for and generate a report

  867. Selecting a meet

  868. Sell tickets using an event registration

  869. Send an email from the Committed, Undeclared or Declined Athletes Tab

  870. Sending event invite or job invite

  871. Sent password email and account didn't receive it

  872. SEO -- Search Engine Optimization to increase site ranking

  873. Service hours admin process

  874. Service Hours Admin: Admin level needed to access

  875. Service Hours export doesn't work

  876. Service Hours Forecast

  877. Service Hours: Integration with billing system

  878. Service Hours: Meaning of red numbers and asterisks

  879. Service Not Allowed error when using debit card in Canada

  880. Set an athlete as Not USA Registered

  881. Set an event to be a Swim Meet or Team Function for the home page view

  882. Set an inactive date for a member to show when they will be leaving?

  883. Set email notification for new registration - New Registration Alert

  884. Set up a campaign in the Sponsor Center

  885. Set up email aliases or Groups in Google Apps

  886. Set up event connected with Online Registration - Multiple Registrations on

  887. Set up Google Analytics on your site

  888. Set up or create anchors/bookmarks

  889. Set up service hours system

  890. Setting a Payment Frequency in Online Registration

  891. Setting the Maximum allowable jobs a parent can sign up for

  892. Settings: Change team alias

  893. Settings: SportsEngine Setup

  894. Settings: Team Profile

  895. Settings: Where Contact Us emails go - Contact Us Recipients

  896. Shortcut Keys

  897. Single Meet Improvement report - Percentage of improvement from best time to selected meet

  898. Social Media: Add Facebook button that goes to Team Facebook page

  899. Social Media: Add Facebook timeline to website

  900. Social Media: Add TeamFeed post

  901. Social Media: Add Twitter feed (Chameleon)

  902. Social Media: Add Twitter feed (New CMS)

  903. Social Media: Add your photo for TeamFeed posts

  904. Social Media: Edit or delete TeamFeed post

  905. Social Media: Set up TeamFeed

  906. Social Media: Share TeamFeed post

  907. Social Media: View TeamFeed post

  908. Some Meet Results missing

  909. Sorting options / Alphabetical Sort

  910. Split Sheet Reports

  911. Splitting the TeamUnify online donor processing fee with donors in a fundraising event

  912. Sponsor Center

  913. Sponsor Center - Different levels of sponsorship and team site view

  914. Stack overflow at line 26 - site slowdown or freeze

  915. Starting and ending a TouchPad meet sync time and date

  916. Step 5 - Results Reports & Files

  917. Stop 'Contact Requests' from creating a new account

  918. Subscribe to a TeamUnify calendar and add to your calendar agent (Google, Outlook etc.)

  919. Swimmer ID Card specified already exists - error / Duplicate USA ID

  920. SwimOff / Swim Off times are not displayed

  921. SwimOffice - Lead off leg allowing first swim to count as best time

  922. SwimOffice Editor - Editing your site in your Android device / Request Desktop Site

  923. SwimOffice Registration Management Video

  924. SwimOffice session length - automatic logout

  925. Syncing meet structure from Touchpad and editing on SwimOffice

  926. Syncing TouchPad/SwimOffice/OnDeck information flow

  927. Team Alias

  928. Team Club Code is being used by another team error

  929. TeamUnify Quick Start Guides - Everything you need to know condensed and interactive

  930. TeamUnify security and privacy policies

  931. TeamUnify/SportsEngine Studio websites and data security

  932. Template TeamUnify Privacy Notice for Swimming Clubs

  933. TestingBrowser

  934. The Jobs are all created but when I turn it on you can't sign up

  935. The Link in the Event Invitation does not work.

  936. Top Times by Athlete - Show all athletes' results

  937. Top Times by Event - Show all athlete's results

  938. Top Times Report - Linking to a Submenu

  939. Top Times Spreadsheet

  940. TouchPad & TUSync Overview

  941. TouchPad - Adding an event?

  942. TouchPad - Adjusting the seeding pattern for heat/lane assignments

  943. TouchPad - Best Practice for Meet Creation on multiple computers CRITICAL READ

  944. Touchpad - Delete a meet off of SwimOffice after you have accepted the invitation

  945. TouchPad - Deleting an event?

  946. TouchPad - Enable or disable the ability to sync entries to the host

  947. TouchPad - Event Time Standards - restrict entries for events

  948. TouchPad - Event type preferences

  949. TouchPad - export meet results

  950. TouchPad - Export the USS Verification file?

  951. TouchPad - Exporting a Meet Entries File

  952. TouchPad - Generating a meet registration file for the LSC

  953. TouchPad - Generating an Event File

  954. TouchPad - Generating Meet Registration Verification (USA ID Verification) for LSC or SWIMS

  955. TouchPad - Giving administrative rights to run TouchPad

  956. TouchPad - Inviting other TeamUnify teams to a meet using TUSync

  957. TouchPad - LSC exception report requires USA ID change in TouchPad

  958. TouchPad - Manually adding results for a meet

  959. TouchPad - Meet Results Reports

  960. TouchPad - Meet Time Estimate

  961. TouchPad - Merging event times during meet

  962. TouchPad - Mixed event scoring separated based on gender

  963. TouchPad - Multiple Division Scoring - allowing multiple teams to score against each other

  964. TouchPad - Print Event Sheet

  965. TouchPad - Rejecting a team from a meet

  966. TouchPad - Restore a team

  967. TouchPad - Results File Export

  968. TouchPad - Score by different age groups

  969. TouchPad - Scoring Tutorial

  970. TouchPad - sending my host an entries file for a TouchPad meet

  971. TouchPad - Sending your LSC an events file without any athlete's entered

  972. TouchPad - Set Time Standards

  973. TouchPad - Team Manager(tm) Importing Meet Results

  974. TouchPad - What is a sequence?

  975. TouchPad - Why don't my athletes qualify for open events

  976. TouchPad Creating Meet Packages - Heat Sheet/Psych Sheet/Meet Durations reports

  977. TouchPad Exporting Results

  978. TouchPad Live - hide a meet from TouchPad Live but show others

  979. TouchPad Live - Turning on Live Results for TouchPad globally

  980. TouchPad Live - Where is my meet?

  981. TouchPad meet is not showing athlete times on SwimOffice

  982. TouchPad Quick Start Guide

  983. TouchPad SD3 Results File - TeamManager reports duplicate team count (visual only)

  984. TouchPad shortcut keys

  985. TouchPad VIDEO Tutorials

  986. Touchpad: Accept a TouchPad invitation as a visiting team

  987. TouchPad: Accept visiting team's entries / Entries won't sync but are visible in SwimOffice

  988. TouchPad: Activate / view TouchPad Live results on SwimOffice

  989. TouchPad: Add an athlete during the meet

  990. TouchPad: Add deck entry fees to events

  991. TouchPad: Add entry fees to events

  992. TouchPad: Add/create a meet - Meet Setup

  993. TouchPad: Add/edit events

  994. TouchPad: Adjust font size in Entry Manager

  995. TouchPad: Adjust/select electronic, backup and watch times (F12)

  996. TouchPad: Alternate heats/events

  997. TouchPad: Athlete Entries

  998. TouchPad: Average Watch Times

  999. TouchPad: Award Labels

  1000. TouchPad: Connect your timing console

  1001. TouchPad: Create multi-age events

  1002. TouchPad: Create/Add Report Banners - image sizes and formats

  1003. TouchPad: Deck Entry report

  1004. TouchPad: Delete or clear all times for an event

  1005. TouchPad: Delete Team

  1006. TouchPad: DFS (declared false start) in Enter Results

  1007. TouchPad: Enable or disable sync function by team for event entries

  1008. TouchPad: Enter DQs and DFSs

  1009. TouchPad: Enter Results screen

  1010. TouchPad: Entry Manager - Import SD3 entries, rosters, meet results

  1011. TouchPad: Event Cut Times

  1012. TouchPad: Event messages

  1013. TouchPad: Event Records Broken report

  1014. TouchPad: Export Lenex Meet Results (UK)

  1015. TouchPad: Export results for USA Registered and Not USA Registered athletes

  1016. TouchPad: Failed Heat - Adjust Times

  1017. TouchPad: Filter by open events, age, name in Scratch Pad

  1018. TouchPad: Generate athlete check-in sheets

  1019. TouchPad: Generate meet recon file for SWIMS

  1020. TouchPad: Generate report of Registered and Not USA Registered athletes

  1021. TouchPad: Global Settings for international teams

  1022. TouchPad: How do I delete a meet?

  1023. TouchPad: How do I edit an existing meets basic setup information?

  1024. TouchPad: Import a roster into TouchPad for OnDeck/manual entries

  1025. TouchPad: Import meet entries into TouchPad (non syncing teams)

  1026. TouchPad: Import/export records

  1027. TouchPad: Manually set or clear athlete as Not USA Registered

  1028. TouchPad: Meet Entries report

  1029. TouchPad: Meet Timeline / Meet Duration report

  1030. TouchPad: OVC Athletes

  1031. TouchPad: Print championship, consolation and bonus final results

  1032. TouchPad: Quality points / quality team scoring

  1033. TouchPad: Records - Add/edit Event Records

  1034. TouchPad: Relay Entries

  1035. TouchPad: Report Banners

  1036. TouchPad: Restricted Scoring - limit number of scorers in unevenly matched teams

  1037. TouchPad: Run "Timed Final/Last Heat in Finals" with finals in different session

  1038. TouchPad: Score / Scoring

  1039. TouchPad: Scratch an athlete's events for a session

  1040. TouchPad: Scratch athlete(s) by name or event pre-meet

  1041. TouchPad: Scratch athlete(s) during meet

  1042. TouchPad: Scratches report

  1043. TouchPad: Seed events

  1044. TouchPad: Select country and date format

  1045. TouchPad: Set meet sessions - add days and sessions

  1046. TouchPad: Set up a network

  1047. TouchPad: Set up meet for Not USA Registered athletes

  1048. TouchPad: Show finish place by heat

  1049. TouchPad: Step 1 - Meet Setup and Event Creation tutorial

  1050. TouchPad: Step 2 - Syncing Events and Entries tutorial

  1051. TouchPad: Step 3 - Athlete Entries, Meet Reports, Heat Sheets tutorial

  1052. TouchPad: Step 4 - Print Award Labels and Results, Score, Export Results tutorial

  1053. TouchPad: Step 5 - Sync, Release and Export Results tutorial

  1054. TouchPad: Sync entries for meet using TUSync

  1055. TouchPad: Sync meet results for USA Registered athletes

  1056. TouchPad: Timer Settings - select timers

  1057. TouchPad: UK Competition Entry Check

  1058. TouchPad: USA-S Sanctioned Event, Approved Competition and Observed Swim

  1059. TouchPad: Use FINA/USA Swimming or NCAA/Other rules for time adjustments

  1060. TouchPad: View TouchPad Live results on any device

  1061. TouchPad: Watch specific athletes or teams

  1062. Tracking who has accepted their invitation and submitted entries

  1063. Transfer Athletes - Question during the registration process

  1064. TU University: Online Registration Guide

  1065. TU website not appearing after changing name servers

  1066. TUMoney - Address book will not import on Mac

  1067. TUMoney - Can I have more than one fundraising system up?

  1068. TUMoney - Event Fundraising First Steps Intro & Launch

  1069. TUMoney - Fundraising and billing - How the donation is accounted for in individual accounts

  1070. TUMoney - Incentive ideas

  1071. TUMoney - Receipt information EIN/Tax exempt information

  1072. TUMoney admin access levels

  1073. TUMoney and your billing system

  1074. TUMoney Fundraising Detailed Report

  1075. TUMoney VIDEO Tutorials

  1076. TUMoney: Add offline donation/donor

  1077. TUMoney: Approve an offline donor

  1078. TUMoney: Assign/move donation in general account to specific member(s)

  1079. TUMoney: Can someone donate online without a selecting a participant?

  1080. TUMoney: Change/edit a paid/approved donation

  1081. TUMoney: Clone a fundraising event

  1082. TUMoney: Finalize Swim-A-Thon and submit to USA Swimming Foundation

  1083. TUMoney: How donors can split donation between family members

  1084. TUMoney: Promote event fundraiser - email information to team

  1085. TUMoney: Promote fundraiser on Facebook

  1086. TUMoney: Send receipts to donors

  1087. TUMoney: Swim-a-Thon donation refund

  1088. TUMoney: Turn on/off the lap tracker

  1089. TUMoney: When is processing fee applied for offline donations?

  1090. Turn off/disable NCSA banners

  1091. Turn the current alert off / hide alert

  1092. Turning on the Jobs Module / Create or Copy Jobs or Add a New Job

  1093. Tutorials and FAQs for parents and non-admins

  1094. UK Billing: Manually refund credit card transaction

  1095. UK Billing: Reconcile credit card activity - Financial Reports

  1096. UK Billing: Set up electronic payment processing

  1097. UK Billing: View credit card transactions

  1098. UK Meet Results: Age Up in Time Standards and Time Reports

  1099. UK Meet Results: Results time conversion factors

  1100. UK Membership: Check Membership Data Report

  1101. UK Membership: Hard delete accounts - anonymize data

  1102. UK Website Editing: Display swim21 and clubmark kitemarks

  1103. UK Workforce training certifications introduction

  1104. UK Workforce: Add/designate Workforce Admins

  1105. UK Workforce: Add/edit member roles, courses and certificates

  1106. UK Workforce: Filters - Check certifications and expiry dates

  1107. UK Workforce: Set/designate Workforce members

  1108. Un-inviting a team from a TouchPad meet

  1109. Undelete a registration

  1110. Undeposited Funds - QuickBooks

  1111. Understanding What you Are Filtering On

  1112. Update All Events with new Meet Results / Times for Committed Athletes

  1113. Update email footer with team URL/domain name

  1114. Update Times won't use recent results

  1115. Updating your bronze/silver/gold badge and level

  1116. Updating your meet structure using TouchPad

  1117. Upgrade site: Add custom skin assets

  1118. Upgrade site: Continue migration to new CMS

  1119. Upgrade site: Enter contact info on home page

  1120. Upgrade site: Fix obsolete links

  1121. Upgrade site: Perform site QA

  1122. Upgrade site: Peruse CMS basics and features

  1123. Upgrade site: Polish site with more CMS features

  1124. Upgrade site: Prepare site to go live

  1125. Upgrade site: Promote site to membership

  1126. Upgrade site: Publish site

  1127. Upgrade site: Start the process

  1128. Upgrade site: Upload higher resolution photos

  1129. Upgrade site: Upload team logo

  1130. Upgrade site: What content gets copied to new CMS

  1131. Uploading/Linking files

  1132. USA Registration - "Have you represented another FINA federation at international competition?"

  1133. USA Registration - Generating Outreach Athlete USA Package

  1134. USA Registration - Re-Download already generated USA Registration Packages/Forms (archived)

  1135. USA registration information is incomplete or incorrect

  1136. USA Registration Packet - USS # verification or invalid USS/USA numbers

  1137. USA Registration Reconciliation Report to check USA IDs

  1138. USA Swimming racing start certifications

  1139. USA Swimming: Activate vendor and enter activation vendor code

  1140. USA Swimming: Best Practices - Compare Member Information, Mismatches

  1141. USA Swimming: Check Reg Status

  1142. USA Swimming: Compare Member Information

  1143. USA Swimming: Fileless batch registration

  1144. USA Swimming: Filter who has and hasn't registered by year

  1145. USA Swimming: Flex / FlexSwim membership

  1146. USA Swimming: Member Data Validation Service Overview

  1147. USA-S Registration: Generate registration package

  1148. Use ACH to pay for registration workaround

  1149. User Guides by Module

  1150. Using the jobs module to collect concessions to sell at a meet

  1151. Utilize filters to sort data in an Excel file

  1152. Verify domain name with Google Apps account

  1153. View contents of a QuickBooks IIF file

  1154. View day and time an athlete registered in the Registration module

  1155. View job signup reports

  1156. View or Export Notes from Committed or Declined Athletes

  1157. View past invoices / billing history report for accounts

  1158. View the notes from the Not Committed / Declined Athletes in a meet

  1159. View the number of meets your swimmers have attended

  1160. View what goes into a QuickBooks IIF file from SwimOffice

  1161. Viewing Past or Current Invoices Generated

  1162. Viewing Sent Messages

  1163. Viewing the notes your accounts or parents leave for the athlete when they commit to an event or meet

  1164. Viewing who has accepted/declined a meet invitation using TUSync

  1165. Waitlist / wait list for Online Registration

  1166. Warning in the invoice and payments area

  1167. Website Design - Allowing Non Admin to edit/administer a tab

  1168. Website Design - Creating a Tab as a draft before releasing it to the public

  1169. Website Design - Editing your SwimOffice site on a mobile device / tablet

  1170. Website Design VIDEO Tutorials

  1171. Website Design: Turn on/off USA Swimming Shop

  1172. Website Editing: Add a blog to your website

  1173. Website Editing: Add a countdown timer

  1174. Website Editing: Add a music/sound/mp3 file to site

  1175. Website Editing: Add a slideshow to a web page

  1176. Website Editing: Add a submenu/dropdown to a tab

  1177. Website Editing: Add custom form

  1178. Website Editing: Add document to page (Chameleon)

  1179. Website Editing: Add image to page (Chameleon)

  1180. Website Editing: Add or edit a tab/page or sub tab

  1181. Website Editing: Add photo/image/picture to website page

  1182. Website Editing: Add/edit a table

  1183. Website editing: Add/edit notes/content on Events page

  1184. Website Editing: Browse Server to manage files with CKFinder

  1185. Website Editing: Can't upload an HTML document in the editor

  1186. Website editing: Change / edit main home page text

  1187. Website Editing: Content Editor - CKEditor

  1188. Website Editing: Correct photo/image sizes/dimensions

  1189. Website Editing: Display USA Swimming World 100 badge

  1190. Website Editing: Edit or resize images/photos, add text to images

  1191. Website Editing: Embed a Google map

  1192. Website Editing: Hit counter alternatives

  1193. Website editing: Make a tab or sub tab redirect to another page or site

  1194. Website Editing: Make table mobile responsive

  1195. Website Editing: Supported file extensions when uploading

  1196. Website Editing: Translate site into another language

  1197. Website editing: Upload logo to display on website and/or emails

  1198. Website title is pushing USA swimming badges

  1199. What bills on the first in the automated billing system

  1200. What credit cards are accepted by electronic processing?

  1201. What do I do when I get the error wrong encrypted data?

  1202. What do these codes mean when I see the results of an ACH run?

  1203. What does non standard stroke error mean?

  1204. What does the Edit Job Signup button mean?

  1205. What does the H stand for next to my hand entered time - will it appear in my entries file?

  1206. What email gets an emailed invoice or email billing summary?

  1207. What if I don't have the required email or address field for an account?

  1208. What is a donation level setup?

  1209. What is a workout calendar item?

  1210. What is Accrual Based Accounting vs Cash Based Accounting?

  1211. What is SwimOffice?

  1212. What is the blue L after my swimmers time?

  1213. What is the Donor Processing Fee option located in the Event Fundraising Setup Tab?

  1214. What is the maximum file size for email attachments?

  1215. What is the TU platform built on?

  1216. What order are my meet results sorting in?

  1217. What order are Wait List students in? How do I view?

  1218. What report will show the first time swimmers have swam events in a meet?

  1219. What steps will my Membership have to go through to Register Online?

  1220. What will the Account see in their invoice for dollars donated?

  1221. When do my invoices generate and my billing run?

  1222. When does a new account get a login and password from the online registration system?

  1223. When does the Online Registration Charge the CC?

  1224. When does the QuickBooks IIF file generate?

  1225. Where can I see my Lifetime vs Active event fundraising?

  1226. Where do I get an “ev3” file?

  1227. Where is my online registration link to set it up?

  1228. Where to edit "More Information" pages

  1229. Why am I being asked my date of birth or if I'm over 13?

  1230. Why am I getting a athlete appearing twice for an event?

  1231. Why am I getting a Restricted Area message after clicking link to access invoice?

  1232. Why are late fees being charged on suspended and canceled accounts?

  1233. Why are my athletes Name/Gender coming in wrong to TouchPad?

  1234. Why are my swimmers not aging up correctly for a meet?

  1235. Why are my transferred QB amounts negative?

  1236. Why are some seed times NT even though the athletes have best times? Course Type

  1237. Why are swimmers results are missing from meets?

  1238. Why are there qualifying times populating my swimmers entries that are not in my database?

  1239. Why aren't my swimmer's times showing but I know they are in the system?

  1240. Why can Outlook receive but not send?

  1241. Why can't I adjust/add Service Hours?

  1242. Why can't I attach events to meet on LSC site?

  1243. Why can't I download OnDeck?

  1244. Why can't I enter my email address in for a new account?

  1245. Why can't I find the icon that lets me connect my events to meet results?

  1246. Why can't I import my un-attached swimmers?

  1247. Why can't I see my kids meet results?

  1248. Why did a meet show up on our site that says TouchPad?

  1249. Why did my canceled accounts or suspended accounts receive an invoice email?

  1250. Why didn't my invoices email?

  1251. Why do Dismissed alerts reappear?

  1252. Why do I keep getting a error when I upload a file/PDF?

  1253. Why do I see other team's meet results?

  1254. Why do I see other team's times in the meet results?

  1255. Why do my canceled accounts appear under invoices & payments?

  1256. Why do sponsors show up in the Sponsor Center on my site who didn't sponsor my team?

  1257. Why does meet attendance report not show all meets?

  1258. Why does my page I just edited appear blank?

  1259. Why does OnDeck show a different athlete first name than SwimOffice?

  1260. Why does the attend this event button still show when the event is already past/archived?

  1261. Why doesn't my logo appear for logged in users?

  1262. Why doesn't the slideshow load in Internet Explorer?

  1263. Why don't my jobs show up for signup?

  1264. Why Firefox is better than Internet Explorer

  1265. Why has all of my information dissappeared from the page and the editor?

  1266. Why is editing slow or freezes?

  1267. Why is Meet Manager giving my entry file an exception report and/or SDIF integrity check?

  1268. Why is my domain no longer going to my TU website?

  1269. Why is my swimmer not showing the event?

  1270. Why is my team not on OnDeck?

  1271. Why is my website not coming up in a Google search? SEO

  1272. Why isn't my swim lesson module turned on?

  1273. Why when I paste into the editor is my information not coming in correctly?

  1274. Why when I run a top times report for do all my swimmers appear in only specific age categories?

  1275. Why will my result file not load into TeamUnify?

  1276. Why won't my photos/images upload or display correctly? Color Profile

  1277. Why won’t my image upload in Event Fundraising Setup?

  1278. Will I see points on my Service Hours reports if I change from Hours?

  1279. Will OnDeck Android work on a Kindle Fire?

  1280. Will the recurring charges post to suspended / canceled accounts?

  1281. Wrapping text around a photo

  1282. YMCA Membership: Remove coach so they stop receiving emails

  1283. YMCA: Add/update credit card for YMCA fees

  1284. YMCA: Admin access levels

  1285. YMCA: COA report for invoices

  1286. YMCA: Coaches alerted when certifications are expiring

  1287. YMCA: Late Fees

  1288. YMCA: Register a coach

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