Reset Service Hours with an inactive billing system

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With an inactive billing system, Service Hours Admin simply becomes a place to monitor hours worked. Nothing ever gets automatically reset nor are invoices ever generated. If you arrive at a new season and want to reset everyone’s hours worked and obligations, here are the steps.

  1. Go to Billing Admin > Service Hours Admin
  2. On the "Obligation & Hours Worked" tab, set the Account Status filter to "* Active" (or whatever filters you want) and click Search
  3. Select all the accounts by clicking the check box next to "Account Name" or check just the boxes next to desired accounts to change
  4. Click Multi-Reset Balance
  5. Enter 0 in the Hours field and click Save Changes for ALL Accounts listed NOW, then OK. This will reset the Yearly Obligation, Worked, and Balance amounts all to 0 and create a new "Invoice Created" date in the "History" link of the Detail Transaction column. (Note: If the billing system is active, this action will reset the Balance to 0, reset the Yearly Obligation to the number of hours currently Worked by each account and nothing else. It also will not create a new invoice created date; only the automated system will do that on the 1st of the chosen "First month of fiscal year.")
  6. Select the same accounts again and click Multi-Reset Yearly Obligation
  7. Enter the number of points/hours in the Hours field and click Save Changes for ALL Accounts listed NOW, then OK

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