Coaching Tools: Print workouts/sets

Coaching Tools Admin - Not a Coach

You can only print workouts and sets in SwimOffice (your TU website).
  1. In the side menu click Coaching Tools > Workouts.
  2. Below that tab, either stay on WORKOUTS or click SETS.
  3. Either click a single set/workout, or check boxes by multiple sets/workouts and click Actions > Sets Preview or Workout Preview.

    MainSet Workouts Preview

  4. In upper right either stay on Detail View or click Whiteboard. The set or workout will print as displayed.

    MainSet Print Workout

  5. Click Print Workout or Print Set.
  6. If you opened multiple workouts or sets, use the PREV/NEXT buttons to cycle through and print each.
  7. Click CLOSE X to exit.

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