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Click Enter Results to access the screen in which you will spend the majority of your time while running a meet.

The Enter Results screen is where all the action happens while the meet is in progress. You can enter race times (either manually or from a timing system), print results and award labels, sync to TouchPad Live so spectators can view results as the meet happens, and even score. You'll want to be familiar with this screen prior to using it.

Click the Enter Results menu to get started.

If this is your first time clicking that menu, the Entering Meet results window will appear. See the Timer Settings article to configure this screen.

Now the Enter Results screen will appear.

We will cover the details for each area below.

  1. Enter times
  2. Get electronic times
  3. Adjust times
  4. Event adjustments
  5. Sort results
  6. Print reports
  7. Refresh, Seed Final, Sync results
  8. Event navigation
  9. Settings and help

A few basics to keep in mind.

  • If you are running a relay event and you plan to enter relay names, you may do this ahead of time if you wish to save time when you get to that particular event.
  • Select the desired event from the event selection drop down at the top, or by clicking Prev or Next (area 8).
  • Prior to entering times, drag and drop swimmers to different heats/lanes if needed.
  • Most buttons can be "clicked" using the keyboard by typing Alt + the underlined letter on the button, such as Alt+N for Next event, or Alt+S for Score. This saves time by not needing to use the mouse as much.
  • Most buttons are color coded.
    • Green — Print or preview reports
    • Red — Update and sync data
    • Yellow — Access configuration settings
    • Blue — Edit data
    • Dark Gray — Navigation and display
    • Light Gray — Additional functionality

1. Enter times for all swimmers

The first several columns are self-explanatory in this area.

Right click on any athlete to view all events they are currently swimming as well as personal information including swimmer ID. From there you can scratch, delete, or un-scratch entries.

Ht/Ln columns
When using an electronic timer, the cells in these columns turn red when there is a 0.3 second difference or more between the pad time and backup time(s). If you have the Show Backups if Time Flagged box checked, a window will automatically open with these differences; otherwise click Edit Time Adjustments (F12) to see them. If you select to use the suggested time the cells will turn green. If you select to ignore the difference and use the pad times, the cells will turn blue.

Time column
If you are manually entering times, just type them for each athlete in the Time column. No need to enter placeholders; just type 14387, for example, and it will format it as 1:43.87. Type 2360 and it will appear as :23.60.

Click an existing time and type a new time to change it. If you mistakenly start overwriting a time, just add an X or x to the end of the time, such as 5312x, press Enter, and the original time will be restored. But if you exit the cell without adding an x, the new value will replace the old and all you can do is retype it.

You can type d for DQ, s for scratch (SCR), and n for no show (NS).

Your work is automatically saved with each time entered and modification, so feel free to switch to other events as needed and back to the current one.

Read how to Average Watch Times if you check that box (in area 5).

DQ column
Here you may type a DQ code, or click in the column, then click the dropdown and select one. If you need to undo a DQ, click the dropdown and select NO DISQUALIFICATION, then enter a Time.

To define/edit custom DQ codes, click Timer Settings > Set/Select User Defined DQ Codes.

R column
If an athlete broke a record, an asterisk will appear in this column. You can view what the records are in Events > Event Records.

EX column
Checking the box in this column designates the swimmer as an exhibition swimmer for this event.

SF column
Scratch final. This column only appears in prelim events in a prelim/final meet. You will also see a P after the event number in the event dropdown at the top (finals show an F).

Events dropdown with Prev and Next buttons

A competitor may be scratched from finals by entering their Time and checking the SF box next to that swimmer. Only do this if the competitor has in fact gone fast enough to make the finals. This way he/she will not show on the finals heat sheet. When you click Seed Final (area 7), the event is saved, the finalists are chosen and seeded for finals.

Refresh and Seed Final buttons

This means you may go to the Heat Sheet screen and print heat sheets for finals for that event or at the completion of prelims for all the events. If there is a last minute no-show during finals, return to the Prelim results event and check the SF box for the no-show and the next best will then move to the final. If the first alternate is not available check SF for them too and the second alternate will be moved up. You do not need to click Re-Seed Final; the swimmers will be automatically removed from the Finals event. Go to the Heat Sheet screen and reprint that event's final heat sheet for officials, etc.

Let's say you are running two heats in finals. During finals you will be presented with two heats (heat 1 Consolation, heat 2 Championship). If you need to use the alternate because of a scratch or no show, first remove the swimmer by right clicking an athlete (or click their time and click Remove Athlete), select the current event, then click Scratch or Delete. Next click Insert Athlete in Meet and drag and drop the alternate into the correct lane.

D column
Check a box in this column for a deck entered swimmer. If you click either of the Insert Athlete buttons and add an athlete, it will automatically check the D box.

2. Get electronic times

If you need to change your timer, click Timer Settings (area 9).

When using an electronic timer it is necessary to have all swimmers in their correct lanes so that the times are matched up correctly. To move swimmers, just drag and drop swimmers to new locations.

Most timers simply create files that TouchPad can import independently. This means you do NOT have to coordinate with your timer operator; you can pull them in at any time regardless of what the timer operator is doing.

Click Get Race to import the times for the current heat (on some timers the button is labeled Retrieve from File, Get Times, or Import Heat). The Race # will advance automatically. If there is more than one heat, the Heat # field will automatically advance and you can click Get Race again to get the next heat.

Electronic timer section on Enter Results in TouchPad

With some timers you will need to click Set File Path to specify where the timer stores the files, and in the case of the CTS Dolphin Timer, start it. Be sure to specify the Event and Heat numbers on certain timers since these are used to name the file of saved times.

If you'd like the Adjustments window to automatically appear if there are any pad or button discrepancies, check the Show Backups if Time Flagged box and and click OK to confirm. Then when you click Get Race and there are discrepancies, the Adjustments screen will automatically appear. Make any needed adjustments and click Save.

After getting times for all heats for the current event, when you click Next (area 8) the Heat # field will reset to 1.

3. Adjust times

Edit Time Adjustments and Preview Button/Watch Times buttons

Click Edit Time Adjustments (F12) or press the F12 key to view all button and watch times and make any needed adjustments, then click Save, or click Cancel if there are none. See adjust backup times for more info.

Preview Button/Watch Times produces a PDF of all watch, button, and/or Dolphin times for any event. Select your desired event, enter the starting and ending event numbers, make any other desired selections, then click Print WITHOUT Preview or Print/Preview.

Backup Times dialog in TouchPad

Related to this is the Time Adjustments button in area 6.

4. Event adjustments

Event adjustments buttons on Enter Results in TouchPad

To make a late entry you can easily insert athletes right here using Insert Athlete in Meet or Insert Athlete Not in Meet. Click the former and you will see a list of athletes in the meet. Drag and drop the one you want into an empty lane and they'll be added to that event. A checkmark will automatically appear in the D column to indicate the athlete was deck entered. Click Close instead to cancel inserting an athlete.

To deck enter an athlete who did not register in advance,
  1. Click an empty lane.
  2. Click Insert Athlete Not in Meet and the New Athlete window will appear.
  3. Fill in all the athlete data.
  4. If this is the only athlete to add, click OK (finished); otherwise click Next Lane (another) and it will let you add another athlete in the next empty lane.
  5. A checkmark will automatically appear in the D column to indicate the athlete was deck entered.
Insert Athlete Not in Meet dialog

Click an athlete and then click Remove Athlete (or right click the athlete) to bring up all the events they're in. Select the desired event(s), then click Scratch or Delete.

When you click Add Heat it will add a new heat to the end of the current event with the number of lanes defined in the meet setup.

If you have pulled in times through an electronic timer, you can click a swimmer and then click Edit Splits to do that in the Splits window. Click Next Athlete and Prev Athlete to move among the swimmers, and Exit when finished.

Edit Splits dialog in TouchPad

Clear Times will erase ALL times from the event. Once you confirm with Yes, there is no way to undo it, so make absolutely sure this is the event in which to clear its times.

When you are on a relay event, the Insert Athlete in Meet button will instead say Insert RELAY in Meet, and the Edit Relays button will be enabled.

Insert Relay in Meet button

When you click Insert RELAY in Meet, you will see an interface similar to inserting an athlete in meet. Drag a relay team to an empty lane, or click Close to cancel.

Select a relay and then click Edit Relays to edit the swimmers in the relay. Names in purple are in the relay on the right. The instructions on the window explain how to use it.

Edit Relays dialog in TouchPad

5. Sort results

Sort results section of Enter Results

Use this before printing results (area 6) to ensure they look how you want.

Check the Show Finish Place by Heat check box to add an HP (heat placement) column on the left.

Use the Finish Order button, after entering all the times, to list everyone from fastest to slowest times to aid in making sure results are accurate. This allows you to see the final finish order before printing the event.

Show Finish Place by Heat selection

Click Heat Order to switch back to the default display.

When using multiple watches for each lane, check Average Watch Times to easily enter them in area 1 and then have TouchPad average them together.

6. Print reports

Print reports buttons on Enter Results

Score — Brings up the Scoring window to score one or more events. Read scoring for more details.

Click Award Labels to print them. The Print award labels and results, score, export results tutorial shows how.

Preview Results views what results will look like printed. Click the printer icon to actually print them.

If you don't need to preview the results first, click Print Results to immediately do that with no confirmation dialog.

Time Adjustments opens the Time Adjustment Report window. This report is used to view all adjustments made to electronic, button, and watch times. Enter an event range, select a session if desired, check only show unreviewed if you want, and click Print / Preview.

Time Adjustment Report dialog

Heat Sheets opens the Heat Sheet, Cards, Labels, Lane Sheets window. Our heat sheets article and pre-meet reports tutorial have more info.

Some timers can use scoreboard files. Select CTS Scrbd File on the Heat Sheet window to generate those files.

Scoreboard File selection on Heat Sheet dialog

7. Refresh, Seed Final, Sync results

Refresh and Seed Final buttons

If you are networked you may need to click Refresh to bring in the latest times from either the host or the other user responsible for results.

You will only see the Seed Final or Re-Seed Final if you are running a prelim/finals meet. Seed Final will not be enabled until you have entered all times for a prelim event. Once you have done that and click the button, it will then change to Re-Seed Final for that event. See the "SF Column" section in area 1 above for more details.

Sync Now area of Enter Results

SYNC NOW enables parents and spectators to view results live as they occur on The service is free and results can be viewed on any device with a web browser.

TeamUnify recommends checking the Only Sync this Event checkbox below the button. This makes syncing really fast to keep your flow uninterrupted and makes syncing every event practical. Just click SYNC NOW (or Alt+Y) for each set of results you enter and it will sync all results added and changed since the last sync. Those viewing results on will see all updates as you sync them.

TouchPad Live example

Read how to activate and view TouchPad Live results.

8. Event navigation

Event navigation area of Enter Results

Click Prev and Next to move backwards and forwards through the events.

Click the event drop down and click any event to directly go to it. If you are running a prelim/finals meet you will see a P or F after the event number.

Type an event number in the Go to Event field below the Next button and press Tab or Enter to go directly to that event.

If you are using Sessions, you will see which one listed here.

All data is automatically saved when you move to another event. If you are using an electronic timer, it will automatically change the event # if your timer has that field and reset the heat # to 1.

9. Settings and help

Settings and Help buttons

Click Report Content to select what gets included on the reports when you click Preview Results or Print Results (area 6). It will change to HIDE Report Content; click it again to do that.

Report Content selections

When the report content selections are visible and you are using an electronic timer, click the drop down near the bottom to select No Splits, Subtracted Splits (i.e., show each lap time), Cumulative Splits (show the running time at each lap) or BOTH (types of) Splits. Splits are always collected and saved but you choose when and how to print them.

When you initially click Enter Results on the menu, the Timer Settings screen (titled "Entering Meet results") appears. You can open it again at any time by clicking Timer Settings. If you are using a electronic timing console you'll want to select the one you're using prior to entering results. See Timer Settings - select timers to learn more.

Export for Merge allows multiple computers to time separate events and merge the results to the main computer. For more info read Merging event times during meet.

Help opens a window with a dropdown menu for a brief description of several features. Click OK when finished.

See Also
Timer Settings - select timers
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