TUMoney and your billing system

TUMoney and your billing system. What reports will generate information for the Admin

  1. Go to Billing Admin
  2. Invoices & Payments
  3. Inc & Pay Sum will give you TUMoney based on a monthly range, Chart Of Accounts and Account. This will give you an accurate recording of how much money was received, for a specific month or month range and what Account the dollars were applied against.
  4. Inc Trans Rpt will give you TUMoney based on a specific date range, by Chart of Accounts and what Account the dollars were applied against.
  5. Inv Rpt will give you a month/year range to view TUMoney dollars posted against an Account
  6. Payment Sum will show you all dollars applied against an Account including all swim team monies as well as all TUMoney dollars.
  7. CoA Sum will show you TUMoney dollars collected as a total amount based on its CoA

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