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When someone clicks the Contact Us button in the side menu, fills out the form and clicks Submit, it emails the information to team administrators selected by you. You can change who receives these as follows.

  1. In the side menu click Team Admin > Team Profile.
  2. Scroll down and click the Setup Member Feedback Email Recipients link.
  3. Only higher than “Not an Admin” accounts will appear here.
  4. Add or Remove contacts to receive the email.
  5. Click Save Changes when finished.

Note that if you need to contact TeamUnify Support, you need to go to System > Help & Training > Contact Support., or click the red question mark in the lower right corner of your site. The Contact Us button on your team’s website are for team parents and members to contact you, the site administrators. You are the "Us!" TeamUnify Support does not receive those emails.

Note as well that when people fill out the form it may create an account under the status of "Contact Request." See the below related article.

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