Billing: Multi Athlete Discount by percentage for recurring billing

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To implement a percentage discount on the total dues owed per account do the following.

  1. In the side menu click Billing Admin > Billing Setup.
  2. Click Membership Dues Schedule tab.
  3. Click Edit Standard Dues Schedule button.
  4. Click Multi-Athlete Discount drop down and select Yes - Percentage.

    Membership Standard Dues Schedule

  5. Fill in your discount fields that will apply.
  6. Select the Chart of Account to which the discount will be applied.
  7. Check the Select Discount checkbox for all Billing Groups/Sub Billing groups that will be included in this percentage discount. The percentage will be calculated on the total for ONLY those billing/sub billing groups selected. Consider this scenario.
    1. Four billing groups, each at $100
    2. Three of the billing groups have Select Discount checked, the fourth does not
    3. Discount for three athletes is 10%
    4. Family has four athletes, one in each group
    5. Three athletes get a $30 discount: $100 * 3 * 10% = $30
    6. Fourth athlete is $100 because their Billing Group gets no discount
    7. Total price: $300 - $30 + $100 = $370
  8. The Billing system picks the most expensive price for each athlete at each level, and it calculates this based on the yearly total for each one. For example, using the above schedule, if an Account had a Bronze Monthly female member and Bronze Quarterly male member, it would put the female as the first member ($150*12=$1,800) and the male as the 2nd member ($400*4=$1,600), so for one month it charges ($150+400)*90%=$495.
  9. NOTE - the numbers in the fields will not reflect your discount, so run the Billing Simulation Report to confirm the discount has been properly implemented.

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