Set up service hours system

SwimOffice Admin - Super User or Service Hours Administrator (setup in step 4 as shown below)

To set up your Service Hours System, follow the below steps.  Download this user guide for more information Service Hours

  1. Go to Billing Admin > Service Hours Admin > Service Hours System Setup
  2. From here you will need to follow these steps to set up your system and denoted with a Red *
    • Step 1 - Set the first month of the fiscal year for Service hours
    • Step 2 - Set the obligation of hours your team members will need to work
    • Step 3 - Set Service hours charge based on shortfall of hours worked in US dollars per hour, then set the chart of accounts that will be used for the Charge
    • Step 4 - set the Service Hours Administrator this person does not need to be a super user to manage and receive any system generated emails.
  3. Always remember to click the Save Changes button in the lower right!

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