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Note: This article is for Chameleon users. For new CMS users, read Add News article - new CMS.

To add a News article,

  1. Go to the News tab in your top menu.
  2. Click Add News.
  3. Fill in the title, date, and expiration date (when this article will get moved to the Archived tab). Note: if you do not want the article to ever move to the Archived tab, enter a date far into the future.
    News required fields
  4. Optionally, you can check Do not show on homepage which would hide this specific news story from the home page.
  5. You can upload images (.jpg, .png, or .gif format) that will attach to the news entry by clicking Choose File buttons as shown below. Once an image is added, the text will show the file name instead of "No file chosen."
    News images selection
  6. You can also do the same thing with Voice Notes recorded in an audio file (.wav or .mp3 format).
  7. Use the text editor to compose the news article content.
    CAUTION: When writing a long document into this text editor for any part of your team website, we strongly suggest you create the information in an external text editor. Then copy and paste the text into this editor when ready. This editor does not save work as you create it and you risk losing your work by taking too long to compose the story and it logging you out.
  8. If you select Yes to the question Do you want to email this News NOW? and select ONLY to these Groups for Recipients, you may then choose which groups receive it via email. Note that only accounts will receive the email, not the members as well.
  9. Click Save Changes.

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