USA Swimming Registration Generate Electronic Registration Package

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Before you generate your package 
BEST PRACTICE - YOUR LSC will require these fields to be correct (all fields must be correct but pay special attention to the below)

Confirm information - For On Screen Viewing use your Custom Columns to view critical information (or select your athletes and Export > Customize Excel Export and include below). This includes but IS NOT LIMITED to
    A. First/Last/Middle Name
    B. US Citizen (yes/no)
    C. Registration Status
    D. Registration Season
    E. USA Registration #

Once your athlete's information is 100% correct you can export by following the below instructions:
  1. Team Admin
  2. Account Member Admin
  3. USA Registration Tab
  4. Set any custom filters/columns if applicable
  5. Select your athletes
  6. Select Export > Generate Reg Package for the electronic version

  7. Select the correct registration year

  8. Download the required .Zip / PDF and Cost Table

  9. If you ever need to download again go to the Archived Reg Files Tab and select the corresponding date

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