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You can click Export ALL Registered & Financial in manage registration to get a record of everyone who registered. You will not have this data until people sign up.

It doesn't matter if they used another computer, unless they deny signing up at all. Given that they have to sign in using their username and password, they would have to claim someone stole those or hacked into their account. The IP address shows what computer was used, but the email and password show what account was used to sign up.
  • When someone uses the online registration system, they must check ALL required agreements; they cannot complete the registration without doing so. Once they click Submit Registration, we record the date/time and IP address their browser used to communicate with our servers. This single IP indicates they “signed” ALL possible agreements.
  • This information is coupled with the account credentials (username and password) they used in the registration process to provide an electronic signature.
  • This IP address is globally unique, and should only be used by one device at a time.
  • A subpoena may be required to force the owner (typically an ISP or large business) of this IP address to divulge their access logs. These logs will help identify the computer(s) that may have been using this address at this time.
  • Your TeamUnify site will NOT create an entry in the “Export ALL Registered & Financial” report unless the Registrant checks all the required agreement boxes.
Here are some technical details about the process. The electronic signature method we use is a clickwrap agreement. On the Member selection screen of the Registration process, users must check the box next to any required agreements you have defined. Directly next to the checkbox is a statement that the user agrees to the above wording by checking the box. When the user clicks Submit Registration we register their public IP address and the date/time of the registration. This information is coupled with the account credentials (username) they used in the registration process to provide an electronic signature. We provide a report of this information when you click Export ALL Registered & Financial, found in Registration Admin > Manage. This report provides you with the groundwork for a non-repudiation case.

The data collected can positively ID the user. You will need to bridge a gap in tying your agreement(s) to your signatures. First, cut and paste the various agreements into a word processing document to get a complete contract. Then keep a copy of your registration agreements (dated) with your other secure documents. Also, we will keep the configuration of your registration (including your agreements) as long as you license the use of our platform.

The best way to grasp our “signature” process is to walk through a mock registration yourself, then see the data that populates our Export ALL report under Manage reg.

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