Fundraising System Did not set Obligation / New amounts only applied to some not all

SwimOffice Admin - SuperUser/Fundraising Admin

Billing Admin > Fundraising (this is NOT TUMoney/Swim-a-thon) click HERE for more information if you're interested.

Your fundraising system rolled over based on your setup but only some accounts had the obligation set.

The fundraising only applies obligations on Active Swimmers.  If you are running the Online Registration System and have your athlete's set to 'Waiting For Approval' Status the fundraising system will not apply obligations (see screenshot).

To apply obligations manually (See screenshot below)
  1. Billing Admin
  2. Fundraising Admin
  3. Obligation & Payments
  4. Select one or many
  5. Select Multi-Reset Billing Period Obligation
  6. Enter in your dollar amount
  7. Save 

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