Service Hours Forecast

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This report joins data from Meet Entries, Job Signup, and Service Hours to give users a view of where accounts stand in meeting their service hours obligations.  Note that this report does not include completed jobs; it only lists those jobs for which users signed up but did not complete. The "Detail" rows list how much a given job was worth. The "Summary" rows list the following:

  • Total Hours/Points: How much all the non-worked jobs add up to
  • Obligation Balance: How many points/hours the account still has to go
  • Shortage/Overage: How many points/hours the account would be over or under if they worked all those jobs

To access this report,

  1. Go to Events tab > Reports
  2. Click [Admin Only] Service Hours Forecast to Excel

This report will give you an Excel report showing you, based on your filter selections, jobs that have been signed up for compared to the service hours admin data.

This information is tied to the online meet entry declaration system, meaning jobs defined on your Events page.

  1. Meet Filter - Select Course Type or All (SCY, SCM, LCY)/Meet Type/ Since & Until Date. This will look at all meets that were entered using the SwimOffice online meet entry system.
  2. Member Filter- Select Status, Roster Group, Location. This will show only these designations set in account member admin/members tab.  These relate to the athlete.
  3. Account Filters - Select Status, Obligation and select either Show account with no jobs or with no meet entries if you would like those accounts/athletes to show up on your report.  

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