Lessons: Chart of Accounts (Add New, Hidden, Show)

SwimOffice Admin - SuperUser, Lesson Admin Full

  1. Team Admin
  2. Lesson Admin
  3. CoA (bottom)
  4. Select Add New to Add a New CoA
  5. Select a CoA and Hide
    --When you HIDE a CoA it will ONLY not show when you are required to pick a CoA to apply to a charge for instance Class Fee/Discount/Coupon Code
    --The Hidden CoA will show in all financial reporting
  6. Select a HIDDEN CoA and SHOW to have that CoA available for selection
  7. Use the Filter to narrow down your view

To generate a report for bulk CoA summary,
  1. Go to Team Admin > Lesson Admin > CoA tab (top row)
  2. Enter Date Range
  3. Click Report Now!
  4. If desired, click Export to EXCEL
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