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  1. Deployment 

    1. Deployment VIDEO Tutorials
    2. Help & Training video tutorial - Help & Training 101
    3. Purchasing a new domain name
    4. TU website not appearing after changing name servers
    5. Need to pay for site hosting and domain name hosting
  2. OnDeck 

    1. Download OnDeck Coach or OnDeck Parent
    2. What's my Team Alias? And how do I login to OnDeck?
    3. Access level needed for the OnDeck Coach application
    4. OnDeck Coach VIDEO Tutorials
    5. OnDeck Parent Quick Start PDF Guide
  3. Account & Member Management 

    1. Account/Member Admin: Quick Start Guide and Tutorials
    2. Team Administration VIDEO Tutorials
    3. Adding a Coach or Board Member to the Coaches Page
    4. Adding Athlete Emails/SMS For Communication
    5. Add or Edit a Member
  4. Billing Management 

    1. Billing System VIDEO Tutorials
    2. What is Accrual Based Accounting vs Cash Based Accounting?
    3. Warning in the invoice and payments area
    4. Bringing balance forwards or previous balances over to start the billing system
    5. Make, record, enter or add a payment
  5. Billing Setup 

    1. Billing: Billing Quick Start Guide
    2. Billing: Billing System is not active warning message
    3. Billing: Sign up/apply for electronic ACH/credit card processing
    4. Billing: ACH/credit card fees charged to team
    5. Billing: Email account automatically when expired credit card fails
  6. Calendar 

    1. Subscribe to a TeamUnify calendar and add to your calendar agent (Google, Outlook etc.)
    2. Adding Calendar Items (Including Roster Groups / Repeating or recurring items)
    3. How calendar items are sorted
    4. Roster Groups don't appear in calendar drop down
    5. What is a workout calendar item?
  7. Communication - Email, SMS 

    1. Create or send a new email message
    2. Adding an Attachment to an Email
    3. Adding an Email Address In The Communication Editor
    4. Create an Email Group
    5. Do emails sent to primary email addresses get copied to the secondary email addresses?
  8. Event Creation & Editing 

    1. Can I add an EV3 file to an Event after athletes have already declared?
    2. Add and create a new Event or Meet
    3. Event Creation - Most Frequently Asked Questions
    4. Quick Start Guide from meet creation to posting results
    5. Hide an event to Non-Admin / Hide event to the public - Admin Only Event View
  9. Fundraising Admin 

    1. Fundraising System Setup
    2. How do I reset the fundraising system for a team?
    3. What do the red numbers and asterisks mean in Service Hours and Fundraising?
    4. Fundraising Admin: Admin level needed to access
    5. Change Fundraising obligation
  10. General Troubleshooting 

    1. User Guides by Module
    2. Help Tools - Instant Answers to your questions
    3. SEO -- Search Engine Optimization to increase site ranking
    4. 404 Error
    5. 777 Error
  11. Job/Service Hours Admin 

    1. Jobs & Service Hours VIDEO Tutorials
    2. Jobs QuickStart Guide
    3. Admins sign in members to jobs - How To
    4. Job Reminder and Notification Alerts - Email and Verified SMS (text)
    5. Hiding the job length in hours that is displayed to the accounts
  12. Meet Entries 

    1. Meets & Events VIDEO Tutorials
    2. Approving Athletes
    3. Athlete's times show NT in event
    4. Best times discrepancies between meet entries and reports
    5. Bonus events / exhibition events
  13. Registration System 

    1. Online Registration VIDEO Tutorials
    2. Online Registration System Setting it up - A Step by Step from creation to management (user guides and tutorials)
    3. Online Registration - Getting Started Checklist
    4. Registration Management (management of registration module)
    5. Online Registration - Error Message/Warning when changing dates if creating new registration
  14. Meet Results & Times 

    1. Meet Results VIDEO Tutorials
    2. Adding Canadian Time Standards
    3. Adding/Editing Time Standards for an LSC
    4. Attendance by Meet Results
    5. Can I Export my Records to Excel?
  15. Service Hours System 

    1. Adjusting Job Hours worked
    2. Service Hours Admin: Admin level needed to access
    3. Admin Alerts - Service Hours System Setup Incomplete; how do I turn this off?
    4. Can I reset my Service Hours system for multiple times instead of yearly?
    5. Can I set a maximum number of jobs accounts are able to sign up for an event?
  16. TouchPad 

    1. TouchPad VIDEO Tutorials
    2. TouchPad Quick Start Guide
    3. TouchPad - Giving administrative rights to run TouchPad
    4. Adding entry fees to TouchPad events
    5. Adding results from TouchPad using TUSync
  17. TULessons Class Management 

    1. Lesson Deployment VIDEO Tutorials
    2. Lesson Management VIDEO Tutorials
    3. Lesson Interactive QuickStart Guide
    4. Lessons - New Team: Cleanup your lesson program before you add/edit/deploy
    5. Can I access an account from the classes tab?
  18. TUMoney  

    1. TUMoney VIDEO Tutorials
    2. TUMoney - Event Fundraising First Steps Intro & Launch
    3. TUMoney: Promote event fundraiser - email information to team
    4. Event Fundraising - Parent setup guide for their child/athlete/participant
    5. TUMoney - Can I have more than one fundraising system up?
  19. USA Swimming Athlete Registration 

    1. USA Registration - Generate USA registration packet hard copy
    2. USA Swimming Registration Generate Electronic Registration Package
    3. USA registration information is incomplete or incorrect
    4. USA Registration Packet - USS # verification or invalid USS/USA numbers
    5. USA Registration - "Have you represented another FINA federation at international competition?"
  20. Website Design & Editing 

    1. Website Design VIDEO Tutorials
    2. Adding a News Entry
    3. Automatically Archive or Manually Archive News
    4. Can I Change the Title of "Swim Lessons" Button on my Public Homepage?
    5. Can I add HTML to my homepage text area?
  21. Social 

    1. Facebook badges and social plugins
    2. How can I set up a text messaging for my team alerts/Twitter?
    3. Add Social Media Badges - Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
    4. How do I add a Facebook button to my site?
    5. How do I add a Facebook like button?
  22. All articles 

    1. Adjusting Job Hours worked
    2. Create or send a new email message
    3. Why is my team not on OnDeck?
    4. Why can't I download OnDeck?
    5. USA Registration - Generate USA registration packet hard copy
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